Morlavia bosses change

For some reason, Morlavia’s last stage seemed incredibly hard to beat. Generally I could do any rare quest on auto but not this one, not today. Considering that they admitted they “forgot to mention” regarding the normal battles being changed, maybe they also forgot to mention regarding this kind of content.

… or maybe is just me. Any thoughts?

Edit: looks like I need to grow up the account before doing the rare quests or at least using a different strategy (like, praying for a good board and Wu Kong to miss at minimal). :smiley:

Beat it with this team pretty easy but not auto, seems like every other rare quest for me

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Hard for me to say for certain as I’m current on a steep curve of improvement and every new quest/trial/challenge seems so much easier than the last. I went into the final round of Morlovia with a stock of items, all ready to throw what I could to get my long awaited 6th tabard and was actually surprised at how easy it was.

As I said though, last time I attempted this my heroes had considerably less kick.

Edit: Kiril +14, Li Xiu +3, Boril + 12 Chao +11, Wu Kong +10. I think that’s right. Earlier rounds I stacked yellow more heavily but my other holy’s are not fully maxed.

This was my battle. I stopped spending items as the last boss was healing more than I could hit him.

And here I decided to stop

Edit: I’ll try this team.

Do you not have any maxed 4* you could use instead of the 2/60 5*?


Yeah, just edited the message with the new team.

Anyway, this is my alt account. I noticed the battle being though while completing it on my main account and that’s why I started this topic.

Try stacking 2 or 3 yellow and skip the purple


Good tip but I don’t have any other yellow hero other than that 3* which is dead in a single hit :frowning_face:.

This time I’ll activate Wu Kong and use the board shuffle. This way I might have a shot.

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For the future, get some depth in 3* and 4* before you waste resources on 5*.

Get 2 or 3 maxed 3* in each color, then work on 4*. Get 2 or 3 maxed 4* in each color, then start on your 5*


I do this on my main. But I want to limit my investment to VIP pass only into this account. I started 3 months ago and I have all 3 HOTMs (Vela / Jean Francois / Telluria) while on my main I have 2 HOTMs in 18 months. RNG at it’s best :rofl: :rofl:

Anyway. Thank you both of you for your answers. :tada:

It’s even more important for the account where you don’t spend. You need every chance at nonfarmable mats you can get. Stacking colors with TC20 heroes is your best bet. Depth is your friend.


Right. This is why I don’t want to miss a single rare quest. :confused:

I hit auto because I was busy. Looked back in time to see only Tarlak standing… sigh. My fault entirely.


At least you aren’t limited to only one attempt.

Yeah. My bad. Just finished the quest pretty easy with a good board + the God of 4*, Wu Kong.


New v28 update brought changes to S1 (at least some including 8-7) and S3 levels by adding
+10% attack
+10% defence
+10% HP
to mobs and bosses. I don’t know if somebody checked if those changes also occured in todays trials and quests.

My daughter’s account did it (non auto!) with a team just under 3100. But it got a bit dicey at the end because forgot to bring antidotes, and used bombs/arrows to finish. But didn’t seem any harder than usual.

I beated on auto. Didn’t realize that. I changed my auto farming on 23-9 to this, and that’s my auto for morlovia too

My Morlovia team

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My alt can usually beat the rare quests using the team (no emblems, no costumes, all 4.70):
Kiril - Kashhrek - Little John - Scarlett - Rigard

Keeping the healers charged for when I need them and not wasting heals usually leads to victory. I bring a ‘Revive All’ scroll in case I get bad RNG replacement tiles on the boss stage. Prime the board going into the boss stage if you can; not only by charging your heroes, but also by clearing out as many dead tiles as you can before proceeding.

Edit: This time was no different than past ones. A few minor mana potions and a couple of axes for a tabard is a fair trade.

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