Morgana Le Fay crazy attack?

How explain me that? About the special skills in the two photo have different porcentage!

Troops? 20 of them :thinking:

No… look the vit drain , one picture has 700 vit drain and the other has 716 vit drain

Well one is 7 one is 18 can be due to the higher elmbems on thee path they choosed?

DoT and similar special skills increase with health?

They chose more attack emblems.
Attack stat goes up, DoT goes up.


In other words if both had the same attack stat, the damage over time would be the same.
The higher emblemmed one has a higher attack stat and thus does 16 extra damage pts.

As above, the reason is due to the emblems.

Morgan Le Fey’s Health Drain is treated as “Damage Over Time” and as such increases with her attack stat.

You’ll also note that this Health Drain number is increased further by different troops equipped.

Can read more about DoT & factors that do/ do not affect it here: Understanding DoT (Damage over Time)

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