Morgan le Fey skill

Final level of the challenge event, why is Morgan le Fey regenerating health? Nothing in her special skills says she heals herself. I had just her remaining, but had lost my sniper and the board was being a pain, and she just kept getting more and more hp. Why?

She’s a sneaky one, she drains the health from you to her. She can be very tough to beat!

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She is regenerating every turn, why does her skill not mention this. She seems to get hp back whether her skill is active or not. I hadn’t even noticed it on previous levels, i just killed her, now i can’t even get her health down at all.

She will drain your health and add it to hers for 4 turns. I’m not sure of the ratio she gains but it is enough to make life literally difficult if the fight drags on.

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Ok, killed her, took scarlett and colen along and then carpet bombed. Never noticed she did that before. Still think that is something that should be mentioned on her card.

Perhaps it is a problem with your language version. There are a lot of mistakes there. Eg. based on the wording on Polish version of Kage he deals ~650% dmg. Anzogh description in Polish says he make allies heal 20% of THEIR attacks.

I learnt to always look at the English version of all new cards. It clearly says she DRAINS health, which means she gets it for herself.


Look at those vampire teeth on your hero, that’s the drained one…there are some heros out there with that skill.

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Well it does say drain, yes. But drain means remove, not transfer. When you drain a bath, you don’t move the water to another bath, You just get rid of it. Perhaps the people that write the cards should try harder !!

Cheers all though.

Idk I am not native so won’t go into word meaning discussions, but I play fantasy games for 20 years and drain always meant suck out for own benefit.

Does anyone know if her drain increases with her attack(increased attack via troops or skill tree)???

I don’t think so, because it’s no normal attack. Cyprian is quite useless against her :frowning:

She definitely drains the amount of dealt DoT as health to herself.

Last woman standing for a while due to that.

Can confirm drain increases with troops. Ptobably with skill tree as well.


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