Morgan Le Fay

Maybe it’s me but this hero is too strong. I have a decently high level deck and I cannot get past her. I played against her for 25 minutes to lose and not do any damage. Get real!


Trust me you’re not the only one my guy

Made this if you’re interested… hope it helps. Same principle should apply to advanced

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Yes, Morgan’s strength level (for the 4th stage in Advanced) was ABSURD!!! It completely ruined the Challenge for me. I stopped playing and used my world energy credits elsewhere. Even the people that defeated Morgan (or other stages in Advanced) write about how many battle items they used. They will NEVER recoup those battle items (or get any valuable ascension items) unless they finish in the top 50. IMHO, that isn’t the point of the game or event. It takes the “challenge” out of the challenge event. Unless you want to show how much you ‘lost’ in order to say you were able to defeat an insanely powered hero.

And on a related point, they do the same thing with some of the ‘rare’ events. They show the estimated team power for each stage, but the final stage estimate is always WAY off. And I mean ALWAYS (I’ve documented every one except the first one). The last one showed around 3340 team power. My team was 3625. It took me 20 battle items AND a 75 gem continuation and I barely finished it. This happens constantly!!! Why can’t they just be honest?!? I have a strong 5* team with Vivica, but they make the ‘villians’ so stupidly strong it takes the enjoyment out of the game…unless they’d post an honest team power estimate. Once can be an accident. 8+ times is dishonest or delusional.

Lastly, I find it interesting that none of the top players post any ‘tips’ for defeating titans or tough challenges. I find videos and tutorials from players using 4* teams, but those things aren’t very helpful to me (and I don’t mean that in a condescending way at all). What I find even more interesting is that the game makers offer NOTHING of value in the way of tips or hints…other than telling you that battle items come in handy (really!!!). Of course they want you to use up resources so you can buy more…and NO, I’m not against a company making money. They’ve made a ton off of me! But tell people ‘which’ battle items if you want to bring it up. Or which heroes would make a good team. (Yes, I know about healers, perfect ripost, and the general value of each battle item). But to get destroyed at Stage 4 when I have a team power of 3700, that is asinine!!!

I’ll find another game to give my money to.

Hate to disagree with you, but any craft house level 16 or higher can make the items that are useful to kill Morgan.

Secret tip: If you have a counter-attacker, use him.

Also, 7DD has posted a video killing a 10* Titan in just 21 minutes. Search it on youtube.

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We have 4 titan videos showing attacks vs 9 and 10* titans.

Out of all of the raid videos, we have several that focus on top tier raiding.

If you come to our discord server, we have an advice channel where anyone can post their hero roster and ask for advice on raiding, titans, whatever.

There’s plenty of good players who give advice here in the forums as well.

It sounds like you should stop by our Discord server, because you can get through all the stages of the rare quests with two 70s and 3 60s if they’re good ones and you’re smart about your battle items. If you go to the URL above and click on the Discord icon on the right side, we’ll be more than happy to help.

There’s a ton of strong leaderboard players that hang out in Peer Support chat room, happy to answer questions and give advice.


Yes, I’ve visited the 7DD site many times and watched videos. Nothing on Morgan that I could find.

I appreciate you disagreeing…everyone has their thing. Fact is, the challenge event’s ‘prize’ structure (and difficulty level) is ore messed up than good. SG is VERY, VERY stingy with game items.

Look, they did a decent job with this game overall, but there are numerous things that need to be addressed and fail to be addressed. Best wishes to all.

The post right above your first post is about defeating Morgan. And Avi updated the other thread with one on advanced.

That doesn’t work on the last stage which is the most important

can’t win, jesus.

First he asked about there being no advice from top level players, so I pointed out all the top level advice sitting on the 7DD website (9 and 10 star titan vids, raiding vids, etc) and the freely availble Discord server anyone can join and ask advice on anything in the game.

Then he said there was nothing specific about Morgan, so I pointed him to the video above and mentioned the other thread where there’s a video for Morgan for both intermediate and advanced.

But you’re right, no one made an entire series of 20 videos detailing step by step process for all 10 stages of both intermediate and advanced with your specific hero setup. We’ll get right on that.

FYI, from the other thread you mention that it’s not beatable without timestops or mana reducing heroes. That’s untrue. I beat the advanced stage 10 with Caedmon Boldtusk Falcon Jackal and Wu Kong (no five stars) and my battle items were arrows bombs small mana potion and a miracle scroll maybe…i forget. anyway it took like 15 minutes but I finally got there. The person in our alliance with our highest score on that staged used no mana reducers.


For that final level I used the suggestion elsewhere on the boards and hit them with five each axes, bombs, and dragonbreath, plus one arrow for messing up Arthur, then polished them off with specials. It was almost an anticlimax after the grind to kill my way through the first two fights of the level.
My team for the whole Advanced section was a fully ascended set of Wu Kong, Caedmon, Boldtusk and Tiburtus, with 3/70 Alberich, who let my specials recharge faster. I didn’t actually need his res power, to my surprise.
On the other advanced levels I used minor healing potions, minor mana potions and saved arrows and bombs to keep the final bosses weakened while I wore them down.

when did I ask for any advice from top level players and videos of people killing morgan

don’t put words in my mouth

Entirely true, @Dante2377… perfectly beatable with direct damage-based battle items.

Unfortunately I see the enemy hero balance as a failure if you simply need to resort to spamming a whole bunch of direct damage items to take them down. I prefer if you are able to defeat using some finesse with the correct combination of heroes and tactics with battle items to augment. I feel they got that balance right in the previous 2 events, but have it wrong here. You want an event to challenge people with a way to finish its levels with minimal use of battle items (like a puzzle). Bludgeoning through with all direct damage items is more for those who want to swap resources for ego by placing highly on the leaderboard.

I expand on this concept more in my post in another thread.

Disclaimer: Not a criticism to you, by the way, for using the items. (I like and appreciate your posts and your proven knowledge of the game.) More a criticism of the event in making the winning formula ‘Just take them out using direct damage items’.

Remember that the Morgan le Fay of the advanced event Tier is not the same Morgan le Fay that you’ll see in raids. The event version is far, far stronger. Same with the other heroes:at the advanced level, they’ve all been uptweaked substantially.

Morgan has to be taken down first and quickly. Use the last minion round to set up. Get the center and a side minion out and the last one on its last legs, preferably burning or poisoned. Use that level to clear out unneeded colors and set up some gems and dragons. Get all your specials charged and your team healthy. Kill the minion, then kill Morgan.

If this isn’t happening easily in your round, consider fleeing rather than throwing a lot of items at the problem. You’ll only post a decent score if you can take them down fairly quickly. The longer the battle rolls on, the lower your odds.

I used Rigard, Joon, Athena, Ares, and Alberich. In that order. The only battle items I used were life flasks, orbs, mana flasks, orbs. It took me 25 minutes to beat advanced level 9, but beat it I did. Thus it is doable without having major battle items. PATIENCE, PERSERVERENCE, AND PERSISTANCE.

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Bold / Tibby / Falcon / Wu / Alby for me on advanced 10 on the main.

Took a second try with some bombs and arrows; first one sans items didn’t work out fantastically but Morgan got obliterated both tries… just setup the board on the second floor as there’s plenty of time if you are just trying to complete it and the trash isn’t really threatening: had a red diamond both times going in with plenty of reds on the left side of the board.

Morgan fall down go boom both times; strategy from a player in a highly ranked alliance. :roll_eyes:

Thank you Elvira. I appreciate you taking the time to reply. I wish you and the kind people here the best of luck, but the company missed the boat so badly with this Challenge (and other things I’ve commented on) that I’m done. I’ll find someplace else to spend my money.

I found my strategy was to leave Morgan to last and try avoid hitting her altogether to limit her production of mana. As long as you have reasonable healing, you can survive the occasion where she does fire her skill.

Once you’ve created some space and can then fire your tiles in to it to charge your direct damage skills, you can then turn your attention to her without continuing to charge her up. What you need to avoid at all costs is her having a special on more than 1 of your crew at a time, otherwise the healing she receives is mad.

Alternatively you just spam direct damage battle items at her until she’s almost dead… but my opinion about that is already stated above. (It lacks a certain finesse :slight_smile: )

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I have been the luckiest guy and pulled 2x Morgan rather than one of the more useful 5* from that event. But anyway… I brought one up to 3/70 and try to use here in some fights were I end ab with a conclusion she is not very useful, or maybe not for me.

Therefore I just want to get some feedback from some player who do have her on 4/80 and fighting in the diamond region.

  • In which fights are you using her?
  • What’s the advantages of using her instead of other green Heros?

I’m really struggling to ascend her for some serious reason.
If I check her special skill out, she does no direct damage, which means, If she and the opponents Hero are up to 100% mana, she can’t kill it. She just sucks out the life in the next turns. And this would mean the opponent are able to use his special.
I can compare her to Victor which I have on 4/80 she seems to be a prototype of him… and he is much more useful due to the stacking of the dot and his def buff to all Heroes.

I play always pretty aggressive and try to force the dmg on the board. I use to set um my team always with Tarlak+Greg + 3x opponents (reverse) Tank color, and If its blue I add Evelyn.

Furthermore, I can say I’m having Frida, Magni, Richard, Khinoa, Sartana, Victor, Ares, Mariana, Zimty, Onatel, Joon, Delilah, as my main configuration to fill up the team.

Do I need to ascend a Morgan?
Would she useful in DEF?

Please share your comments, much appreciated.

My alt uses Morgan all the time. She’s a very, very effective hero but also selfish—aside from staying alive, she dies nothing to help allies.

On defense she’s a beast, particularly in wars. Tuck her in a corner and you’ll often see that everyone else is dead, but she’s standing near full health. Particularly good with the healing aid wars.

On offense she is not super impactful. She drains too slowly when you’re facing fast heroes, at least at the start of a raid. If you can draw things out to where you can ghost green tiles, you can het her drain going on two or even three foes at once, and then she’s unstoppable. But given you aggressive style, I think she would be a bad fit on your offense.

Her red shield is great except that it does nothing to mitigate DoT from, say, Gravemaker.


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