Morgan le fay talent path

Hello everyone, my first post here :see_no_evil: I’ve just maxed MLF and need to get her some talent, I use her in the flank (not wings) so I’ve thinked it would be nice to buff the Def, but then I saw that buffing her ATK also provide a better buff/heal/damage for his ability to drain life and regain life, so I was thinking, is better to do a balanced one? So trying to get her equal amount of Def and ATK talents? Or is better to just go for one of them? Hope it’s all written well, I’m Italian so maybe I wrote something wrong :see_no_evil: thanks to everyone who want to help me :hugs:

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Defense / HP route.

Instead of counting on her drain ability for initial survivability, it would be better if she can survive before charging up. She rates as one of the nastiest wings on defense during war.

She is also very decent at tank.


Thank you very much! Any idea also for Vivica? But I think it is pretty obvious the Def route, I don’t think atk will increase the heal effect ahhaha

Obviously for Vivica would be def/HP route as well.

Best position would be left wing.

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