Morgan Le Fay - Skill doesn't work as described?


Just a thought, should MLF’s skill bypass minions, its worded as it drains 684 Health Points from the target. Problem is, it steals HP from the minions first rather than the hero. I realise the minions are kind of an extension of HP, but the hero’s health points should be drained, rather than the minions.

So you would want it to first kill the hero and only after kill its minions? Does that make more sense? :thinking:

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Minions will block every type of damage before it hit hero with them so it work as it should


I think in this particular instance draining health points from the target is the hero, not the minion. If the hero dies then the minions go down with it. Its the wording on how I read it

This is just one of the heroes that is totally forgotten by the devs. There were so many changes to the game that were silent nerfs to her, yet they never cared to make any meaningful changes to her. Just a 5 to be a placeholder you need to accept before pulling BK from the event.

That would actually be a nice tweak to her skill. Especially for killing a corner Seshat!

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