Morgan Le Fay Good Or Bad?

Overall how is Morgan Le Fay? I’ve been working on maxing her out, currently at 4/68. She seems pretty tanky and a good slot 1 or 5 hero but was curious what others thought of her? I tried to search in the forum but didn’t find much, was mostly on how to kill her in the quest. My only other 5* green hero is Kadilen and I thought Morgan would have been the better hero. I thought I saw somewhere Morgan was considered one of the best Alliance War defenders?

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She is very good for war team(in corner I think), I meting her sometimes on raids and she is really problematic. Not best green hero bit still very good 5*


I did some raids with her and her damage over time does almost 200hp per turn, if I run it with a Colen and Delilah in my team it becomes about 270hp total and that’s a pretty solid number. My alliance suggested I flank her for current time because my usual flank Drake Fong is 3/70.

I think she’s great and possibly underused/underrated. I don’t have her but her stats all-round are solid. Hard to kill in some scenarios, especially if you aren’t careful


I’ve faced her a few times in raids and found her difficult to take down, I pulled her on my first pull of a 10x, was pretty lucky :slight_smile: obviously was going for Guin but Morgan is a good prize also. I really want to ascend Drake I think he would be much better but I only have 10 darts so I wouldn’t have enough for a good second yellow if I did. I’m not sure if I want to eventually run him as my main forever yellow

She is good, and she probably will become even better.


This is all really interesting, thanks for creating the thread OP.

I have Morgan at 1/1 from the most recent Avalon, and also have Evelyn at 3/20, and was wondering if there is any synergy with them. I am enjoying Evelyn when raiding blue tanks, her with Caedmon and Elkanen all being fast is very nice. I assume her green debuff doesn’t help Morgan’s dot? But the tile damage would be substantial. Having them all at fast speed could be very good

Out of these who would you give tonics to? Obviously not Elk, it should be out of Morgan and Evelyn I’d guess.

Evelyn in a heartbeat.

Substantial damage to 3, dispel, self heal and green debuff in one package is insane.


I really want her but not luck yet, and hope she will be mine in next Avalon event.

Morgan isn’t the best green 5*, but she’s pretty good. I’ve lost raids because I couldn’t take her down fast enough to stop that life-syphon sucking my hitters dry.
If tonics weren’t my personal bugbear when it comes to ascension mats, I’d have levelled her already, but sadly she sits in my list of ‘Someday I will level them’ heroes.

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I faced morgan as a tank today for the first time, was exceptionally painful, and lost the first raid. If she fires, you’ve got trouble


Anyone thought of using double Morgan as flanks or wings in war or raid defense?

Frida Morgan Azlar Morgan Frida

Cleanse or die :rofl:

I was thinking of Morgan Kage Mitsuko Victor Morgan

The two Ms left standing in the corners during war will be a real pain…:rofl:

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