Morgan Le Fay Drains Excess Life

I was raiding against a team with Morgan Le Fay on defense. She hit one of my heroes with Devourer of Vitality. The hero only had 23 hit points left. After I completed my next turn, the effect went off. My hero died from the damage, and Morgan Le Fay healed for the full amount of the per-turn drain. I expected her to only gain 23 hp from the skill.

She did have a level 11 Rebel Infiltrator troop attached, but that only grants a 15% healing bonus. 23 * 1.15 = 26. Her life bar went from under a quarter to almost half full.

Compared to other skills like Perfect Riposte, this didn’t seem to be the right behavior to me. Has it been documented already that this is the correct behavior?


My guess is that it’s a bug. I she drains life then she shouldn’t be able to drain more hp than target possess at the moment.

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