Morgan la Fay‘s damage continues after she‘s defeated!

After the latest update: After Morgan la Fay dies, her damage should disappear, but it continued for more than 2 moves after she was defeated and gone!! Please fix this!! Raid was lost.

Nothing in the special description that says it goes away if caster dies. Morgan LeFay’s special will discontinue if she dies but lady locke and natalya’s will continue for the duration. But lady Locke’s special is dispellable so bring vivica or rigard.

Right, my mistake; mixed it up.


Yep. That’s Morgan. The picture in the original post wasn’t showing Morgan’s special though, it was showing Locke’s one, which doesn’t cancel like Morgan’s one.

I experienced the same issue thrice in the past few days. Am new to the forum. Does this get to the attention of the game owners?

The original report was a case of mistaken identity, not a bug.
To contact customer support with details of your bug click on the ‘Submit a request’ link on the page I linked to. They read the forums but you need to contact them directly with detailed information to help with bug squishing.