Morgan fay emblems

I got Morgant at level 6 (746att, 739def,1379hp). I have 59 emblems and 120 on skittles(was the only sorcerer at one time). The next is a node then I have decide between an def or attack path before getting to a health node.

I looking for suggestions on which way to go.

Always attack!

More attack = more DoT = more healing done.

Mine is at Node 15 and can (and will) go to 17 when I get food enough.


Do still love her @Guvnor?

With all the new heroes in the game some of the older heroes are often overlooked.

I have had her maxed for a long time but only now am able to give her emblems after two other 5* were ahead of her (Ursena and Mitsuko, both seeing a lot of use so makes sense).

My impression is that she is aging well vis-a-vis her special abilities. Her mechanism is simple, drain health from opponent and takes it for herself, skips defense, riposte, etc. We will skip the discussion on stats, no early heroes hold up well on that comparison.

Unfortunately Morgan has fallen by the wayside :frowning:

With the fall of Blue Tanks & rise of the Purple tank, I typically only use a couple greens in war times:

  • Heimdall & Lady Locke (healing & cleanse)
  • Evelyn + Kingston + Lianna (Basically damage output).

Morgan, while an amazing hero, simply doesn’t offer the versatility needed to be an off-colour hero… I still think she’s one of the better Green options for a wing hero; but unfortunately there are better defensive green heroes who can go in Flank Position (such as Frigg or Costume Kadilen).

So in summary:

  • Yes I still love her
  • Unfortunately don’t use her much
  • If you still face Blue Tanks in wars, she has value
  • If you don’t have a great flank green, she still has a lot of value as a wing hero

For reference, my emblemed sorcerers are now:

  • Norns (+19)
  • Garnet (+19)
  • Lady Locke (+15)
  • Krampus (+5)

Then have another 400 odd emblems (which got stolen from Morgan) for Krampus


Thank you, very clear.

I personally have green 5* options but none of the all time great flanks so for healing wars she is appealing to place in the wing. We are rotating war tank colors so war team composition is shifting now, keeps it interesting.
Having doubts on Krampus with BK already in the fold so am collecting scopes for now and there is no one else clamoring for sorcerer emblems in my roster.

Appreciate the response. Cheers