Morgan bug in event

Hi, first time using the forums so do correct me if I’m making any sort of mistake!

While I was doing the 9th level in the legendary event, I accidentally tapped Morgan’s special on a green enemy.
Morgan’s special grants her a shield that reduces incoming damage from fire by 94% while also draining health from the targeted enemy for 168 HP.

Setting up the test:
In order to recreate the scenario, I went on the first level and gave Morgan mana to cast her special.
I then played the board in order to damage myself and the enemy to see if my special will deal any damage to me or the enemy.

While I don’t know if Morgan still receiving her shield is a bug or her drain being placed on her is a bug, I’m fairly certain her healing is a bug granted that she heals more than she would if it had worked on a non-reflecting target and the fact that it should have said that it was reflected.
Furthermore, she is draining from a non-existent target as none of the enemies show the drain icon.

Edit: Here’s a video of the bug in action

Edit2: The video is loud, recommend lowering the volume.

I believe it’s because you have a troop which increases healing.

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