Morgan 4^80^20

I mostly have a hard time against Morgan.
Imagine her fully levelled with increased attack for more damage and more self heal as well as additional healing and mana regen debuff. She will be the king of defenses!

I want her now and max her :heart_eyes:

Don’t you mean Queen of defenses…

Yes, thanks for correcting :slight_smile:

Depends. By that time she’ll be facing other 80/20 5* as well so may not seem much different. From what i can tell they gave us a new process to do a huge circle and end up back where we started. But i could be wrong

She’s solid either way though, wish i had her

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Based on the emblem drops, people will have to make though decisions on which heroes to “talent up”. That means they would have to use the emblems on the right counter heroes of Morgan. But then again… that goes for all heroes.

Just think after all is said and done we won’t feel much of a difference. But should carry the game for the remainder of the expected timeframe of 5 to 8 years.

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