Morel vs Frigg! Who is actually better? Let's talk about it!

I’m surprised this is even a question—but it has been asked numerous times so … Morel vs Frigg!!! Who is actually better?


Let do a poll

Who is better in your opinion ?
  • Morel
  • Frigg

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I think Frigg may be better on D because of her class and Mitsuko can counter Morel even though he may bypass some. Theobald is too slow and rare to be a viable counter for Frigg. Offense Morel is probably indivually better, but there are a lot more options for ice defense down.

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Could you make a video about Krampus vs Black Knight like Morel vs Frigg video ?

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I will look into this … good idea!

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Morel is better. Cause I don’t have Frigg. :joy:

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I really like your analysis. I found some good fight :slightly_smiling_face:

  • “Prof. Lidenbrock vs Director Zuri”
  • “Garnet vs Emilio”
  • “Tyr vs Garjammal”
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Dir. Zuri is probably closer to Delilah. :slight_smile:

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I think Dir. Zuri is closer to Prof. Lidenbrock because of stat and cleanse ability. Delilah + Prof. Lidenbrock = Dir. Zuri :rofl:


Be interesting yah gonna have to do with the family bonus aswell…
Still giving the egde to Bk

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