More ways to use 3* and 4*

There are too little ways to use 3* and 4* heroes against other players: only occasional raid tournaments.

Proposal: “rare”, “epic”, “legendary” defence teams. When raiding, players could choose which “level” they’d like to raid in.

I’d even purchase two more teams for that :slight_smile:

Or even 3* and 4* hero wars ….
We need to be able to do something on a regular basis with these heroes in return for our “investment”


Daily challenges could give you more points based on how close to the level power your teams power is. If the level power is 2200 and you are using your 3s to get to 2300 it would be worth more than if you used your 5star max 4500 team

I dont understand why they cant have special events with 4 star only and a total team power limit like 3000 tp. There are some 4 star heroes with insane akill sets that collect complete dust because there are to many 5 stars that one shot them and the game seriously gets stale when no matter what ypu do this hero is gonna die due to meta

I guess investment is the real issue here:

Yes, you’ve invested time and materials in your 3-4*s but did you go chasing them with your credit card, or did you get lucky when pushing for a shiny 5-star?

I’d love to see more variety in wars, tourneys and events like w3k; I thought that was why they bothered with formations in the first place and it feels like they could do more.

I can’t see how lesser starred hero wars will be profitable for them though, as enjoyable as it may be for (some of) us. Aside from franz and the gargoyle, I’ve personally never prioritised spending gems in pursuit of a 4*, let alone a 3.

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It’s the 5*'s that generate the profits. The 3’s and 4’s were thrown a bone with the raid tournaments and the challenge quest tiers. When I started playing they didn’t even have raid tournaments. I think 3’s and 4’s are considered just stepping stones to the 5* heroes.

Although, being f2p I do make use of quite a few 4’s on a regular basis to this day.

I would love that - after almost two years of playing, most of my heroes are still four stars. Though I would really like, if there is matchmaking involved, that those with S1 heroes do not have to fight a Franz with near 2000 health… :scream: :pray: :four_leaf_clover:

Four star tournaments are fun until day two or three because of that. It’s just not possible to keep up :confused:

I often raid with a mixture of three four and fives . Great synergy between Bertulf GJackal and Joon or Horus . CRigard Tiburtus and Treevil . I agree there should be more events to use them in but I use my heroes in towers events and trials . You can use them as you wish and I love using my full roster .

Whilst it would be nice to see more options for3/4s I would hate to see specific 3 or 4 star wars brought in. Whilst only need 30, to have a useable number to give options for specific counters and creation of teams you would realistically want around 40-50 3 stars to pick from for 6 attacks. That is far more than I want to carry, it also would hinder LB and embleming better heroes. For newer players too needing that many 3s before getting that many 4s before starting on 5s would just be too much of a pain. You’d also probably want a roster size of around 200 to carry the required space for heroes still to level and feeders. I sit with a roster size around 150 going up to 170 when collecting TC it’s plenty and don’t want the additional gem cost it would require for all the extra 3s.

Wo3K while broken, does give lots of options for using heroes that sit on the bench mostly. Other than the biggest rosters I think most players are using a lot 3/4s in flags 6-12. 3/4s can also be used in lower level towers etc, trials, costume chamber and entire aToL can be done with 3s also so there are options out there.

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I suppose I started this game just over 3 years ago and was then thrown into the “old school” of learning. That was before S2 ….

And by that I mean I built up 6 rainbow classic 3* hero teams, followed by 3 x 4* classic rainbow teams before I started building my 5* heroes up.
So no I didn’t use cash to chase 3* heroes way back then, it was a game of patience and they all fell into my roster naturally…

But it was all the time, effort, resources and patience in that first 12 months that is now wasted to a certain extent because I hardly ever use my 3* heroes anymore…

I would be happy to see more options in the game that allows us to do “something” with them a little more frequently…

I still remember the time we tried 2* tournaments (I am sure it was tournaments rather than raids) - now that really didn’t work …

Sometimes I think how it could be a war where you are paired with an enemy player (chosen individually or randomly), and you have to fight with his 3 defense and unknown teams (3*, 4* and 5*), and use the current 3 flags, 2 per rarity.

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That would work with the 2 flags per rarity. Cuts down the need for holding a bunch of excess 3s

As I posted time ago, It also could be nice an event with “infinite” waves, where you begin with 5 heroes, and when one of them falls, you have to replace it with any other of your roster, until you have no more heroes to choose and it finishes.
It could have rankings, as other events, based on the number of waves, the time invested, etc., with loots according to your final position. It could be fine to have 3 tries for event, for example.
To do it fair, there could be several rankings depending on the number of heroes you were going to use (choosing before the start of the event if you participate with 30, 40, 50, etc.).
Enemies could be simple at first in all waves, from one point starting to include heroes in the center flanked by simple enemies, and from another point, a random combination of heroes, increasing the difficulty with each new wave.

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