More Ways To Get Troops

With it being so strenuous and expensive to level/max troops there should be more ways to obtain them like in Diamond status raids for loot, Advance Houses should produce 1 every so often and with upgrades should happen more often


I totally agree. I spent 1600 gems on troops and got ZERO 4 star.

Why don’t they add STAR Ascending options to troops? (ie: A level 15 three star can ascend to a level 1 four star somehow)


Wow, now that’s deep especially since it already takes a ton to max any star level troop?

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YES!!! I LOVE the idea about being able to create 1* and 2* troops in either the barracks or houses.

Hey MODERATOR, any talks amongst the Small Giant Staff about:

  1. Making troops in barracks or houses???
  2. Getting troops in chests??
  3. Getting more ETT’s as rewards or in EVERY Uncommon Recruit Quest???

Thanks, Happy New Year everyone!!!


I haven’t had any talks on the subject. I’ve actually been happier that more ways have been introduced. The odds for an ETT in raid tournements at 1% is 40% I believe. Also, in challenge events, you don’t have to rank too high to get 6 ETT. These are two recent improvements.

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The only info we have is very very old and probably outdated.

Note: Advanced training camp is same as Hero Academy


So one of the initial thoughts for Hero Academy was creating troops? I wonder how much has changed?

Any idea what part of 2020 we’ll see sh24 & 25 and the Hero Academy???

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The original estimate was 2019 :man_shrugging:


That can’t be correct, it’s a whole year later now! lol

Happy New Year! Thanks for the info!

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I was being a little sarcastic, but see below. In short, we’ve been waiting a while.


I’ve managed to collect a few 4* (only the green mana one has escaped me but I do have 3 crits). But leveling them takes forever. My highest is only lvl 12. Without spending on troop pulls getting feeders is worse than getting 5* am.

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Just have to keep on keepin on. I have a level 16 red 4* troop as my strongest. Been playing for about 14 months now. I’ve summoned 10x troops one time.


I’m hoping hero academy will include this… Even if it just give a chance to get 2/3* troops… I need feeders to lvl troops!


Yea that’s the key, need feeders

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I’ve almost got my first level 23 mana. Playing 2 years.


Where i kinda messed up is that Im feeding 1 of each 4* troops. Critical and mana. I probably would be at 20 if i stuck to 1 of each. I like both being atleast +12 for now

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That’s what I have but mainly because I pulled all crit troops first. Took me a while to get the mana so now they are just catching up (except green of course). Going forward I’m concentrating on mana.

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An advanced TC to make troops would be very nice.


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