More way to utilize duplicates: hero recoloring

Allow for duplicates to change color of maxed heroes.

For example, if you have, say Ariel on max and Khagan 1/1, you can pay food and recruits and Khagan to make Ariel red. Stats and skill should stay the same.

If this is a HOTM, element link color should be replaced.
For example, a red Vela should give crit to reds, but other part of her special should not be changed (so, she will still do extra damage to reds).

I actually quite like that some colours have inherent weakness, but I’m open to anything that makes dupes useful.

Can I also be the first to say - Telluria in every colour?


Maybe limit it to S.1?

Or just allow a cosmetic change/reskin and name change to make dupes unique (yer, yer costumes)





Welcome to Telluria-Rangers: Redduria, Blueuria, Yelluria, Purpluria! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, dupes really needs some more usefulness… be it being sold for costumes, emblems or stuff.


The official answer is, of course, hero academy and jam tomorrow, just for anyone who’s not familiar

And I was thinking we would get an very new shiny building to use them in.
Did I miss something again? :think:

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And cleanser and dispel too)

Imagine red C.Rigard and red Domitia as Telluria counters) And red Lianna too)

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I know Jonah was just joking, and it would probably never actually happen, but seriously…




EDIT: not intended to discredit the original idea. I wish there was something more useful to do with the dupes rather than just feeding them to each other. But just the thought of multicolored Tellys sends shivers down my spine.


At least this is solution to make more vatiety tank color defense in raid and AW isn’t it? :wink:
Telluria_Dark Telluria_Holy Telluria_FIRE Telluria_ICE Telluria_01

Edit: wait… well I’m too late… @TGW lol :muscle: :+1:


Yours was better quality, nice job :wink: :+1:


I have only one Telluria))

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Yeah, sorry about that.

The idea itself wasn’t bad. At first I was thinking it might be cool to have a blue Hawkmoon, a green Boldtusk, purple Wu Kong, etc.

But then Jonah had to go and ruin it with the whole multicolored Telluria idea. :confounded:

That’s the problem with ideas that might sound good initially. It’s only a matter of time before someone else comes along and turns a good idea into everyone else’s worst nightmare.

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Non-green Telluria is not so good as green one.
Vela will not protect her.

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I like the skill of the Norns. You can bring more variety if you have “Bastard-Heroes” with two colors available in a “Bastard-Event”.

f.e. a hero who is blue and yellow at the same time. Strong against red and purple heroes, weak against yellow and green heroes. This would be nice… But changing the colors of existing heroes is imho not a good idea…

For me, it was fun.

Blue Hawkmoon was fun on last Teltoc)) And I remembered this.

Then I faced Chameleon flank with BT tank with purple-blue team with Vela. And red Vela was fun)

When every TC20 hero get their own costume, maybe SGG can design a 2nd batch of costumes that changes the colour of the TC20 heroes.

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