More water DoT heros

Why is Vela the only hero with water DoT? Idea is really simple, give us heros at 3/4/5* level that have that ability.

Probably because she’s the first time they created a hero that essentially did the S2 Underwater debuff, minus them deciding to extend the attack debuff from Fire-exclusively to everyone. However, I’m not against more heroes that drown enemies.

Yeah not sure why they haven’t, could of added to karil 3* costume instead of fire burn.
Skadi got ice stacks. The villain hero get stacks too? Any one else…
If they do make season 2 costumes wouldn’t. Mind seeing awege and mokk arr get water damage added as fits there special.


I’ve always assumed it’s because they released her and the DoTs stacked well with others and they don’t want that to become too much of a thing.

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I think the burn damage of C. Karil is given to him because of aesthetic reasons. It fits his costume - heat is produced with that smashing hammer rather than water. Kind of similar with C. Scarlett, who inflicts poison damage instead of burn damage because she is a deadly assassin from the Sandsea. Haha.

I agree that water DoT should be added to certain Atlantis heroes, like Agwe and Mok-Arr. They did come from the sea - water DoT would definitely fit their theme.


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