More variety in female body types and ages

Thank you everyone for your thoughts!

I just figured out how to use quotes so I will use them.

@RockVenom Lol

Ditto. I had to laugh at Mother North’s pot (is that what she’s holding?). Thank you for the pics of “different” body types. Do you mind if I use your pics as examples?

@Lel I totally agree with you. I don’t want to encourage obesity. Can you perhaps give us a good examples of male heroes with good thick body type that you may want to see in a female version from the game? That would help us make a case.

@RockVenom lol why because I said Friar Tuck is an unlikely hero? I’m not saying “all” bigger people are unhealthy, but that Friar Tuck looks unhealthy to me. :smile:

@Perilin I second that.

@sopclod This woman! (refer to the post after you)

@Garanwyn I love it! Sometimes I feel like doing that, but I don’t wear much heels. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

if you have ideas, please post pictures of your ideal “different” types of body. And please, please post respectfully and responsibility (no obscene pictures, use your discretion). The picture should reflect something that you truly would want to see in the game… because, who knows, you may actually see it in your game (and now you have to stare at it if you posted it as a joke). I look forward to hearing and seeing more ideas from you.


I don’t own the above images so, whatever you like.

To clarify, my comment about bigger people still being healrhy powerful warriors was in response to Lel’s comment.

In response to your response to Lel’s comment, I think we are in no danger of encouraging obesity. Nearly every aspect of our rich and extensive cultural programming teaches us (unfairly in my opinion) fat=bad. A token effort at showing a little love and positivity towards a bigger body will likely have very little effect on that, unfortunately. So no need to be afraid.

I say bring on the bigger bodied baddasses.


Thank you and Oops, my apologies. I didn’t see that you addressed it to Lel.


@RockVenom re: more substantial women heroes:. I don’t know how to post pics but Brunhilde from the Wagnerian Ring cycle comes to mind …


That was a fun rabbit hole to go down. A few Brunhildes for your viewing pleasure. :slight_smile:



Why do you need this? You use images of heroes for the same purposes as some people use erotic photos? ))

@RockVenom thank you for the Brunhilde pics! That was a fun variety!!!

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Yes, thank you for posting the pics! They are beautiful. I find some of them would make interesting additions to the game!

? I’m not sure I understand your question, but we are discussing for a wider variety of female body types for the game. They’re not necessarily for erotic purposes although I’m certainly not stopping anyone from considering them as such!

I second that!

I Like what you are writing and I would also like to see more different kind of Female players both body and age different and transgender players and maybe some, and I would like to se more Ancient heros in this game and maybe a 3.rd Season that is based on the Ancient world of Egypt/Mesopotamia/Babylon/Persia/Greece ore a Future Season with alot of android heros, I dont know but I have many ideas and I have only been playing for like 4-5month now, becusse right now season 2 is youst waiting amd waitin for almost a month to play a couple of bosses and then wait again :confused: no funny it takes away alot of the fun from playing,becusse I love this Game :heart:
Now I was a little bit of topic but I guess alot of us players are rhinking the same as me :slight_smile:



I like your ideas. I would also like to see the ancient and future android themes. I tried to look for threads with similar topic, but I couldn’t find them. There may have been events of these themes, but I’m not sure.

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If all women heroes are skimply dressed, could we not have all the men vertigo perhaps wearing for pieces etc

over all, this is probably one of the most civil threads on this topic that i’ve read in any gaming community.

earlier someone mentioned a game character from another game that looked like a developer self-portrait [sorry, it was early in the thread and i’m not sure how to quote and too lazy to find it]–but that reminded me of Boris Vallejo artwork. the majority of his artwork is actually based on he and his wife. so much of his art work has permeated the fantasy world for decades and female eye candy has always been the norm.

i love the idea of more diversity. don’t get rid of what’s already out there—just add to it. :slight_smile:


If what you’re saying is to have more scantily clad eye candy men, sure, I’m all for it since we presently have enough variety in men. Someone mentioned there wasn’t enough eye candy men in the game. I had not thought about it previously, but it does seem like we could add some more heroes that would please the male-loving population among us!

Thank you so much for your kind words! With the exception of a couple of heated moments (unfortunately), we have managed to keep it civil.

Thank you to the participants in the discussion for keeping it civil and respecting others’ opinions! And thank you moderators for watching out and allowing this discussion to continue. I hope people feel safe enough to express their opinions here and that extends to people who were once upset during the discussion.


I wondered where we were up to. That auto correct is infuriating. What I intended to write was “could we not have all men scantily clad? Perhaps wearing cod pieces? (Bulging of course)” Infact, I would prefer a variation in women’s shapes and ages. But if not, fair’s fair…

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Yes, it’s been pretty quiet lately!

Scantily clad men! Sure! :laughing: You mean like speedo? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Nice body is a requirement for scantily clad men. Otherwise … it’s a disaster.

Exactly. I’m not exactly the Buffy type and am well into middle age, but I’ve got a pretty awesome roundhouse kick (who would have thought?)!

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Reading through this thread and thinking about these comments coming before the release of Frida, who I think was definitely a step in the right direction! Hulking badass of a woman, she is. Though shes not human, it was still nice to see! (This coming from a straight white cis male who has always been a little put off by all the scantily clad women in this game). And now with the release of Marge, makes me feel like SGG cares about the topic of diversity :slight_smile:


I agree. This is just what I’m talking about! Margaret is a 50/60yr old woman who is kickass. It’s great to see an image of a woman my age included. When I get her, she may become a mainstay on my team like Rigard.

Great job artists/creators and thank you! Keep up the good work. :wink:


@Orangina I definitely agree that Frida is a step in the right direction. Although I don’t have her, I really hate going against her, so I know she’s awesome!

@amrath this is the first time I’ve heard about Margaret (I guess I totally missed the May HOTM) I find it awesome that she’s aged and has a battle scar.

Now if we could have more scantily clad male eye candy, we’d be going in a better direction… lol :joy: only half joking because I think women want to enjoy, too.

I love that SGG may be recognizing our more diverse players’ wants and desires. Kudos to you, SGG!

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