More variety in female body types and ages

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I would like to see more variety in women body types. What I see is mostly eye candy sexy women body types with mostly scantily clad clothings.

I’m not against these types and I like both the male and female characters in the game. At the same time, we need to be mindful of this trend that puts women and girls to suffer from or be uncomfortable with their own body images. Where are the Nashgars (edit1) and Gormek of women? Mother North is the only one I can think of as an example of a “different” female body type. Maybe I’m just not progressed enough in the game to see all the female characters, but I’ve seen enough variety in men so far. Just as men come in different shapes, women come in different shapes, too.

By different shapes, I am talking about women with a few extra pounds and not obesity. I am not here to promote or condemn obesity. I would just like to see thicker bodied women perhaps with more muscles. (Edit 2)

I’d definitely like to see more females with short hair! Short hair can be very feminine, too. Afros would be great, too.

I’d also like to see more aged female characters, maybe even colored aged big female characters? More Melendor and Toril of women. (Sorry, I don’t really know many high * characters!) I’m just yearning for more inclusiveness!

I repeat: I’m yearning for more inclusiveness!

That being said, I think SG puts effort into representing people of color. I also like the Japanese theme of Sakura family and Asian and African(?) theme of Holy heroes.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to me. I hope you take this into consideration. I imagine there may be others with similar opinions to mine.


P.S. I won’t push the button on this … but how about drag queens and manly females? The possibilities are endless and exciting!

Some examples thanks to @RockVenom (edit3)


Awesome heroes worth noting:

Edit 1: I took out Friar Tuck and added Mother North description
Edit 2: added paragraph for clarification
Edit 3: added pictures

I’ve seen many lamentations of the women in the game often depicted as scantily clad (and some praise), but I’m not sure I’ve seen much suggestion of body type variety.

I think this is a great idea.

On this topic, I feel the need to inject something funny @Rook said:

Now, onward:

Discussion of the premise of expanding hero inclusivity has been tried twice recently, and both threads went off the rails quite quickly.

For research purposes, I’m linking both, and praying this much more narrowly framed idea you’ve suggested avoids any forum rule-defying debate.

To reduce reigniting debate, as the original topic titles seemed to, I’m linking them as text only, no preview, and with generic names.

Thread 1
Thread 2


How bout not? Sorry but why does have to be absolutely PC… Why can we not let games/movies etc be. They ARE just fiction…

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Zephyr, thank you for your attention.

I appreciate your links to other threads. Wow, I didn’t expect for such negative reactions, as the ones in other threads, from the gaming community.

I live in a diverse community (maybe not as truly as I’d like it to be, but close enough as a neighborhood) so it doesn’t seem so strange to want to see diversity. And I understand many people are not in the same situation or share my opinion. But I’d still like to see a variety of characters.

I think SG does a good job of including women heroes (or heroines?) and that is part of the reason why I decided to play this game. I want to play a character that represents and resembles me, too. I think it’s harder for you (in general) who are widely represented to notice or care for the underrepresented because by definition the characters already look like you, those around you, and what you want to see. But you can still notice or care for “others” who are underrepresented!


Esbam, thank you for your response.

Your point taken. Just different from my own.

I agree that it is just fiction, it’s in that fiction that I just want to see variety. Not necessarily to be pc, but to me it seems more natural to see variety especially when men are already represented in various shapes.


I’m not sure Mother North would qualify as “eye candy”.


Hi Princess,

Lol :rofl: no, Mother North was added as an example of “non” eye candy. It’s the only one I could think of as NOT an eye candy.

No worries. There’s the diversity. I love seeing it, in real life. But thanks for keeping this civil with agreeing to disagree.

Happy gaming.

Happy gaming to you, too, Esbam.

Yes, I agree to disagree. Thank you for your respectful response, too. I’m not here to fight. I go to yoga when I feel like fighting. Lol. It helps me calm down.

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Depends on the spectator :joy:

You’re welcome!

And I’m glad you took a peek through the other threads to be caught up a bit on previous reactions. I’m hoping (as I did the second time around) that this third iteration of this idea will manage to stand as a suggestion post without inciting heated debate this time around.

Being a member of a diverse community myself, I appreciate and share your viewpoint that inclusive representation is helpful for those it better welcomes, though others may disagree.

In my mind, it’s an idea the developers can weigh and decide on themselves; I think the various viewpoints have been expressed multiple times over in the past threads. So hopefully any discussion on this post will stay civil and minimal in the back-and-forths.


I would definitely be in favor of more diversity! I don’t have any complaints about the heroes now, but I also find it important for works of fiction that feature some realistic characters (ie look like people we see in real life) to be as representative of real people as possible


How about Skittleskull and Gill-Ra? Variety enough? Me, myself, I’ll vote for Isarnia and Vivica…


I was playing another game (no longer) that had really nice fantasy characters, like here. Then one event they brought out a new character with an obviously more “human” but nerdy face. I’m positive it was a self-portrait of one of the developers.

It was so jarring to see a realistic face among the other characters.

Skittleskull isn’t exactly eye candy lol

Doc1, so true!! Lol :joy:

I was being narrow minded to assume that she is a NON eye candy. My apologies! I just brought her as an example of woman of girth.

tinyeyes, thanks for your response.

I feel the same way. I don’t have a problem with the characters now either, but I’d also like to see a variety.

I mean, I don’t look like Friar Tuck nor do I find him attractive (sorry FT), but he is an unlikely and non-stereotypical hero that I appreciate.


Ian, thank you for pointing them out!

I had never seen Gill-Ra before but she seems super creepy in a good way (if that exists). She definitely fits in my category of “variety”.

Skittleskull is a women???!!! I thought it was a man like a grandfather of Needler or something. I didn’t count SkittleSkull as female, but if she is, that’s awesome. She looks like your mean old neighbor. :japanese_ogre:

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Self portrait!! So funny. He wanted to see himself in the game, too, I bet. We humans are so narcissistic!

Skittle’s card says “bog witch”, so, I guess, being a witch makes her a female character…