More variety for beginner players - no Bane but any other random 3* hero

When I was trying to start game once again on the second account, I saw that there is a monotonous thing.

Every player is having it’s own Bane. Like a 99% of raids looks the same - load mana and KILL BANE FIRST, because his is the best hero of enemy…

Should be Bane the only possibile 3* for the beginning? He doesn’t appear on fabular mode, so there will be no difference if there will be another 3* hero on his place.

Let starting player give more variety. They should have random 3* hero for the beginning.
This 3* can be summoned from standard 3-5* summons BUT also possibile to get 3* hereos from current Seasonal Events.

Is this good idea? Please vote and comment

Only if YOU field comments from the people who get Dawa instead of Bane. :wink:


Preach it brother!!! :joy::rofl::joy:

Can you imagine the confusion for a new player if their first 3* is Gunnar or Kailani?

“It does what? That’s USELESS! Might as well feed them away now!”


OK, now that I have time for a more serious answer… I think it is good to have new players introduced in a consistent way. By giving everyone Bane, they’re handing out a hero that has consistent stats that lean a bit toward offense, and a hard-hitting special that introduces players to the special abilities: a blind, which is good for teaching a new player how to tactically blind an enemy just before it attacks.

If someone were to randomly get Karil or Isshtak instead, they wouldn’t have that learning opportunity, and who knows when they’d pick up on the fact that these special abilities can do something other than just damage?

Plus… getting Bane right off the bat will prepare them for their long future of getting Bane from TC20, too. :wink:

Last but not least… do you really want people deleting and starting over just to try to randomly get a “good” hero instead of the random junk they could get?

Good gaming!


I have to agree that Bane is a good, solid starter hero. I would also recommend keeping him as the starter both for consistency and for nostalgia I still have my maxed Bane on my account that is approximately 3 years old give or take a few months. Were I to start a second I would like to see Bane once again at 1,1. Please consider this before voting.

Also I would like to echo that Bane is a necessary starter hero for learning the game too.

Good luck everyone.

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You could maybe pick one similar hero per element, rather than anyone


All fast snipers with a practical effect.


Boom, done! Send it to development… :slight_smile:


@petri, Fizban has authorized this, please pass it to Coding for implementation. Don’t worry about Beta, this one’s foolproof.


Great now we’re veering towards Pokemon. Choose your first hero from Fire, Leaf, or Water please.


Reminds me of that awful incident last year…


And that’s why @kayo has a restraining order

@petri, pull the plug, it’s all gone too far.


What a twist, he’s part of team Rocket :rocket: :rofl:

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A random 3* sniper would be cool.

Team Balthazar ftw :zap:

I noticed this when I first started a bit less than a year age. Virtually every raid I fought had Bane sitting out on the right wing. I swear I must have been the only player that couldn’t get Bane forever. Balthazar took even longer.

We all start with Bane…

I understand we all have to start somewhere, but this really is one of the less important things to fix with the game… Beside, “The Society of First Bane Feeders” might get upset if SG messes with The First Bane… Let’s keep things old school style :wink:


More RNG? = More complaining threads about why didnt i gaind bane… this is unfair!

Team Balthazar :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:

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A very frustrated Pokemon Go player.

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First off, the charges were dropped. That whole incident has clearly been blown out of proportion. I’ll tell you all what my attorney should have told the judge: Watch the full clip.
You’ll clearly see that he was choking and I saved his life.

I can’t believe I’m still having to defend myself here when I should be being praised!


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