More value out of raids

I think raids are becoming less and less appealing for many players. A lot of people don’t care about trophies that much. Personally, I only do raids for food, iron, and recruits. Why not give more value to raids? For example, just some ideas, you get 1 world energy flask for every 10 wins; 5 gems for every 20 wins; 10 season 2 or 3 coins for every 30 wins; 1 epic hero token for every 100 wins… and so on.

Just some random loot ideas. The point is, please re-energize raids and make them more appealing to players.

Agree that raids have become naff mainly because they are no longer worth the effort for very little rewards…
And the trophies mean zilch …
I only do revenge raids every now and again and that’s mainly to try out new heroes I have taken to max.
So yes - they need a revamp.
I appreciate that we have new raid formations …, but all that means for my alt account (that can’t do formations yet) is it gets raided by mega teams in formation and a win gives them a dozen trophies or so. I have to ask why?


Thanks for the support. Let’s hope SG will implement something for us.

Yes, this would be a huge addition. I would also like to see it incentivized by tier and reward successful defenses, to discourage cup dropping for said rewards.


Think people getting aggravated with raids. It’s almost a joke on whom beats you and whom you beat. No reason to play and worry about trophies when you lose -56 and -52. Almost better to not worry then come back and do that to others.

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I am doing raids daily, not only to open raid chests 3x a day and to speed up the appearance of elemental chests, but to practice battling different raid formations and to test new hero synergies. So that one day, when alliance wars employ alternative defenses, I won’t be caught unprepared. Been advising this to my alliance mates. Raids for me is where I find the most fun in the game. I don’t win all the time, but hey, who doesn’t want to kick someone else’s a§§?


I raid for the raiding it self. The only game mode that apeals to me. While maps, tower, tavern, events and other map related sith are dreadfully painful for me, these pseudo PvP battles (raids, war, tournament and friendlies) make the game worth my time. I never raid for resources or recruits or for filling “n” chests a day. If I was raiding for any of these, I would set my defense to 5 × 1/1 Aife and raid bronze arena for 100% win rate… rewards from diamond and elemental chests are way overrated, ain’t worth the trouble of forcing three hero chests a day. I don’t think all my diamond and elemental chests over three years of constant grinding ever brought me more than 5 × 4* AM’s all together. Too few to be worth any special treatment. What I’d like for raids in the future is for them to generate XP, based on the TP of the defeated team, as they should have from day one… If autofarming a map stage generates XP without lifting one finger, so should raiding 4700 - 4800 teams that requires concentration and know-how. No idea why SG choose not to add XP value to PvP victories… But then again, what SG decisions ever make sense… Remember? Telluria’s OP, let’s nerf Vela!


Agreed on every point.

I think there also needs to be additional tier above diamond, where rewards would increase even more, so players would be really inclined to reach the top, while also separating best :slight_smile:

In short : there needs to be improvement to raids all around and something extra for the best players to make an additional reason to be competitive


Exactly. This is essentially the whole point of me starting this thread.

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Only do raids for iron and food from chests

Same here. If SG could implement more rewards, raids would be more fun and exciting.

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Just to play devil’s advocate, the PoV does do this to some extent with the Raid challenges.

For me, the appeal is filling the chests to try to get elemental chests, other than that, nothing. I don’t know how many people feel the same way. I see that as the primary reason to do raids… secondary is for resources. Of course some just enjoy doing them, but if there was no raid chest attached to it, I don’t know how much they would actually raid on a regular basis. I know I wouldn’t.

True. I just hope there would be more direct rewards from raids.

It’s been a while, but wasn’t there a raid win mission? I.e. ex-amount of wins you get some gems? Similar to Titan kills. But, for active people, that would have been completed pretty quickly.

Yes, there is such a mission. I completed it a long time ago and nearly forgot about it until you mentioned it just now :sweat_smile:

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