More uses for iron

Once all buildings have been maxed it is difficult to use much iron, the hunters Lodge could have more items that cost iron instead of food like Valkyries Bane.

  • Time Stops & Tornadoes for titans
  • Dragon Attacks/Bombs/Axes for events
  • Rare troop training in Hero Academy
  • Emblems

I don’t know, I feel whenever I am close to the limit on my iron I will always find something to sink it on. Though I agree few more levels of Alchemy Lab and Hunter’s Lodge could take iron instead of food.


I’m aware of what I can use it on but the hero academy only allows two levels and the two I’m using cost food rather than iron and there’s only so many items I can craft due to resources lol.

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I have a question , you mentioned the hunters lodge, how do you achieve entrance or adding it to your stronghold

It is unlocked at Stronghold level 21.

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