More tuning and customisation please

The more you evolve in the game and spend time on it and the more you look like all the others guys around with the same barracks, the same heros etc.
I think that you should open more on customisation to have infinity of combination so that every player could be unique
Example :

  • add more free area for building and don’t t limit the number for each building. We will have soon the same new buildings again. Why can t we choose to have more farm than mine?
  • and what if heroes at certain point could have another talent grabed from any of other heroes. What a infinity of combination and new tactics to explore !

I believe it would be a great idea to allow for faster resource production at the cost of gems or even trading iron for food or vice versa.
There are many times that I am only about to ascend 1 hero due to limited for production or cost…this would be a viable and fun option for an enhanced gaming experience

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