More trials!

Let me start by saying THANK YOU! for dynamic new mechanics and challenging quests in the game. Perhaps I’m in the minority, but forcing a non standard team composition on a quest is enjoyable. I don’t think I speak for myself when I say give us more!

Currently there are two quests per week.

Energy cost 72 (4+12+20) x2
Emblem rewards 72 (4+6+8) x4

Proposal 3-4 quests per week. Lower rewards and energy costs. Maintain difficulty.

3 quests

Energy Cost 87 (3+10+16) x3
Emblem Rewards 84 (3+5+6) x6

4 quests

Energy Cost 104 (3+9+14) x4
Emblem Rewards 96 (3+4+5) x8

So by lowering energy efficiency and increasing item consumption in game, we could run these quests more often for slightly greater returns (12-24 more emblems per week)

Additionally, a 10-20% chance for an EHT to drop on final stage of a trial quest would be well appreciated by the player base.

I like that but am out of votes.


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