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The situation at the moment with so many alliances killing 12* regularly and easily leads to the fact, that there is no distinguishing element anymore in the top 10. Nobody really wants 13* and 14* back as they are simply stronger but nothing new.

So yesterday I had the idea, why not getting the small little titans back, but maybe two or three of them at the same time? That would be a whole new challenge, not too difficult, but simply new and different. They could get also more difficult over time, so that you might face, after you fought your way up, 2 10* at the same time.

It would be necessary to develop new strategies, maybe new ways to fight a titan. Another challenge would be if these 2 titans would not have the same color :slight_smile:

Any thoughts on that?

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Anything as Titans now are just plain boring.

I like it, 2 different colour titans would make team selection alot more interesting.

I’m not sure where this ideas were posted, maybe on different spots, but there are already ideas around like:

  • rainbow titan (no color)
  • rainbow titan (changes colors)
  • titan dungeon/event (endless Titans getting stronger [without using flasks)
  • 2-3 titans silmultaneously (like event boss stages)

but i bet with talents coming out we will eventually see 13 and 14 star titans with the patch going live or shortly after

Great idea …love it…the boring fact at the moment could be that we face over and over again the same titans…

I also like this idea as titan raids have become quite a chore fighting the same guys over and over again.

A few more ideas that have just come to my mind and might make titan fights more interesting

  • Ice titan whose special freezes several tiles on the board
  • Fire titan whose special turns several tiles into bombs with a timer (like the eggs and pumpkins), if not removed in time all heroes take X damage (or X % damage)
  • Hero rarity limit (like: only 3-star heroes allowed, but titan has markedly fewer hit points and does a lot less damage)
  • Titans that are immune or extra vulnerable to certain hero classes (whatever they look like in the final release)
  • Titans that spawn minions every 3 or 4 rounds

And of course combinations of these ideas and those already mentioned :slight_smile:

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