More titan choices

Titian spawning has always been an issue for me because you don’t get to choose the level of titans to tackle. Would it be too difficult to add a feature where when titans spawns, you get a choice of 3 different Titans of different difficulties -i.e. easy, medium and hard.

As soon as you attack 1, the other 2 disappears (so there is no abuse of farming multiple titans by stronger alliances).

This way, the alliances can control the Titan levels they want to tackle and not having to waste time/effort on a new titan that they clearly cannot deal with, but is forced on them, just because they can handle the previous 4 titans.

As for how alliances choose which titans to tackle, we can leave it to the individual alliance leadership cadre to work out for themselves.

Growing tired of situations where, we can barely manage a titan of a certain level, then get thrusted up to the next level titan, and knowing it will be a waste to tackle it, so you sit around for the next 24hrs waiting for the next titan.