More time to complete towers

I’ve been hoping for a long time that they would make the towers more difficult so I love that that finally happened. I like the idea of wizard tower making classes significant and hope to see that in future towers. I tolerate needing to buy flasks to finish. What does bother me is the huge amount if the time it takes to finish. I lost the first wizard tower and last ninja tower not because I ran out of heroes but because I didn’t have the time.

Could we PLEASE have the tower events put over 10 days, with gaining 5 new flags per day and the capacity to store 10 so we can miss a day if needed?


Stupid human selfishness, not all players have 50 , five stars fully upgraded and many more 4 stars too, the game should be fun for the majority and not just for a minority.
Tower 50 levels is more than enough.


If they were to extend the duration of either towers, please put them into seasonal event category. Hence it won’t take the place of any other events/quests, and every player can choose when to complete it, or whether to complete it.

Close and merge. Where are the mods?

Make ninja tower 50 floors again. I don’t have the time or energy to do 75 levels now like magic tower. I’ll be passing until it changes back. I don’t have or want to use all my resources trying to finish it now. 95% of our alliance members decided not to finish this as well. There are 2 3 or 4 other quests a day as well to try and complete with farming and raiding. Be better to adjust this back.


Their were people finishing all 75 floors on first day apart from the buying of 13 flasks at 50 gems a pop the average hit time is 5 minutes so that’s 375 to complete the 75 levels, 6 hours 15 mins divided by 5 days is 1 hour 3 mins which is plenty time. I try and break it up hitting 3/3/4 flags throughout the day. Adding days to complete it would kill off its appeal waiting for your loot no matter how small

Where did you get this stat from, is it generic for the whole player base?

Well, telling about myself, my average was more than 10 minutes per stage. The last stages took way more. Completing this event was a pretty insane burden for me.

Having played so slow, I still finished in the top 4K players in the event. So this means there are actually very few players who actually finished the event and played faster than me.

Geez 10 minutes to complete the easy stages 1-10 I was doing those with 3 star hero’s in under 2 minutes it eas the later stages that took me than 7 minutes and as F2P only got to level 41. What battle items do you use I take in harpoons gets rid of the boss quicker, then you have 2 months to replace them

Just a general stat from alliance members and my playing time under 2 mins for some of easy stages 7+ mins for later stages but seeing 10 minutes a stage makes it 12 hours over 5 days I can see why people want more time. But as a F2P I am only going to do 50 stages at the most

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Yeah I understand, it seems like there’s a big movement to make NT a longer duration. I hope it happens because then more people will take the time to complete it.

Repeating levels currently isn’t possible but for me it’s not an issue,I’d just like to do all 75 without being glued to my tablet which I can never do anyway.

Perhaps they could extend it over the Japanese cherry blossom festival.

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Harpoons are a big waste of ressources, 100k iron and 64k ham for 750 damage to one boss!
I need 8-10 harpoons per week for titans, use bombs or axes instead, much cheaper.
This new NT is over the top, without a tower chest every 5 or ten impossible levels, there is no real reason to finish it. The challenge gets stale after 75 levels without real variation. For the 300 gems you need for additional flasks ( in case an attack was lost) you can make a summon or buy emblems in the shop.
An alliance mate stopped at 74 stages because he lost one fight and would not spend 50 gems to repeat one level!
He finished around place 4000, so less than 5.000 players finished this tower. Thats less than a quarter of the players finishing Magic Tower. Without new Ninjas, the oarticipation will drop further. Even very competitive players like jekyllandhyde announced that they will not compete next NT.

Happy gaming

Harpoons are more expensive but easier to cook than bombs and dragon attacks which need roots and skulls and only using harpoons on titans I have hundreds in stock compared to a handful of bombs and dragons. But each to his own if we all played the game the same it would be boring

Towers should be open, sky high, no top flor. Every one should be allowed to climb as high as his roster and purse allows. Difficulty should keep increasing gradually until nobody is able to climb higher, no matter how deep their rosters are and on the floor above there should be ninjas mocking and taunting those below, to make them buy some more heroes and flasks for the next tower.

SG, if you decide to implement my idea, I expect compensation. Delivering Garnet and Cobalt to my roster (speacking of ninjas) should be fine, I’m not greedy. But you could throw in another ninja or two (and some wizzards) for my creative efforts, don’t be cheap (imagine how much $$$$ you’ll make)!

Sincerely yours, Ian487, long time f2p.

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In response to your question:

  1. I use Axe Attack, Bomb Attack, Dragon Attack and Tornado. (No carpet bombing, only when necessary)
  2. I don’t use battle items that cost food since food is one of my progress bottlenecks.
  3. By saying the last stages took me much more than the average it was implied the first stages took me much less. So yes, the first stages took me much less.
  4. I am a F2P with a limited Roster. So much of the time comes from having to think on every move to avoid the curses. (To put in context, I lost only two heroes to curses in the entire 75 levels)

I like to think they’d compensate me for the idea :slight_smile:

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