More than upset

So I’m not sure how to be nice anymore after 8 days of misery that support has caused me and at least 2 other members of our alliance. Quick cliff notes… 8 days ago the general and co-leader of the alliance was not able to log on. He sent off a few support emails and the few things they suggested were tried along with multiple other things. Chatting through dischord app the leader (me) and another co-leader are talking with and about the issue at hand and how amazing it was the cookie cutter replies back to him and the actual lack of support. So we both send off emails around the situation and for the most part the replies back are the same minus the sender name. We do not offer support on behalf of another player. I still laugh when I see that. So I have suggested at least some compensation of somehow getting his heros back. Or at least enough tokens to draw the same number of heros that was lost. That’s the very least that should happen with all the time and effort to get over six teams to compete in wars. I dont want to post the thread of emails that are unbelievable but I will. I’m not trying to be vindictive and actually always advocate for this game but I also believe that if you spend money on this game one definitely needs to know that you could loss it all and have to start over. Oh and you will get the middle finger from support but thanks for any money you threw our way. and the FTP player. Only thousands of hours wasted. No biggie. Thats how we feel and I dont think I could start over from scratch with my sanity. I know this is probably worded in a way to confuse everyone and I apologize but if the other people involved reply to this it will be more understandable but I also dont want to sit a blast a game and it developers that i have loved for over 8 months minus these last 8 days. We need our general back. MEDIC

I’m closing this as discussing and/or debating individual support issues is against the Forum Rules. Please #contact-support if you need further assistance.


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