More than one last shot to the titan

After the third shot of one of my colleagues, the titan had 18229 HP, exactly the same damage I made him.

I don’t care if it counts to my last titan shot list, but I would like to know what happens with the other three shots from my colleagues, since they shouldn’t have been able to hit this titan anymore. As a result, these three shots that we could have kept for the next titan are now missed. It’s as if the titan had “extra hp” and it’s not logical.

Thanks in advance.

It is possible to hit more than the current titan HP if another alliance member initiate a titan attack before yours concluded. This is to allow your alliance members to gain the damage deal to the titan too

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It’s precisely why our alliance has this rule that whenever the titan HP is under 100k, the person should mention in chat that he/she is hitting. That way others can hold their flags till that hit is done, in case the titan dies. The titan HP is not updated in real time, it gets updated when someone finishes hitting. So, in this scenario when the titan had 18k HP, if several people hit at the same time, it will show 18k damage done to all of them, thus leading to wasted flags. :slight_smile:


I’ll suggest this rule in the alliance.



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