More than 6 teams?

If anybody out there has more than 6 teams could you give me some pros and cons of it? I never made a 7th because of the 6 flag max in wars but after playing legends I thot maybe I should? Am I right or is it pointless and just a space taker in my roster?

Having more than 6 teams is useful later on, besides the war teams you’ll need one for defense, one for Titans, one for farming and one for raiding.

PRO: Time efficiency

CON: They cost a lot of gems

I also have a team where I put my unleveled heroes so that I won’t have to scroll down.


I have 7 slot used. One for each team plus 1 for titan. I might use more to be efficiently organized. But at 200+ gems for a slot it will wait.
I the meantime I use a website to catalogue my rooster and plan my team’s accordingly.

so, following your explanation 6 teams are more than enough for 1.war 2.defense 3. titan 4.farming and 5.raiding, right?

Yea the 200+ gems is steep. Almost as bad as 500 to change my name back. My kid got ahold of my phone and changed my name to my Xbox live gamer tag lol


Nope, 6 war teams+ other 4=10 teams

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  1. Titan
  2. Farming
  3. Defence
  4. Leveling
  5. to 9. Mono attack teams

At one point, I thought it would be cool to have more than 6 teams.

Regular farming team, high level farming team, rainbow raiding team, raid defense team, blue titan team, red titan team, green titan team, etc.; 3-2 color stack raid teams, 3-1-1 color stack raid teams, specific quest teams; tons of different combos I use for different situations.

Only reason I never bought extra team slots is because I quickly realized I’d get overwhelmed just trying to remember which team was for what, so it would be nearly as confusing as just setting each team manually anyway. So I just stick with 4 now: farming team, raid defense, raid attack, and titan attack. I manually switch each raid attack and titan team depending on the opponent.

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You can change the headline of each team and give individual names. :wink:


Yes, keeping tabs on what’s what and who’s who would be rough!

No kidding? I did not know that. Thank you for that

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I know, but my list of teams would be so long, I might as well just select the heroes manually. Especially for those odd situations where a team that I’d normally use is no good (example: I’d use Miki against a normal blue titan, but definitely not on a rare blue titan… so if I just autoselected “blue titan team”, I’d end up killing my own attack booster :laughing:)

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Mono color raiding?


I have 13 slots. 2 farming teams, 1 training team, 1 defense team, 1 titan team, 6 war teams + 2 teams for raids and tests.


5 raid teams(beacuse I’m lazy)
Titan team
Def team

I probably will buy 5 more team slots (4 for titans and 1 for farming)

Extra team slots is a luxury f2p don’t really afford… I’d much rather buy extra roster space…


My teams, in order:

  • 1: Leveling
  • 2: Defense
  • 3: Farming
  • 4-8: Mono Raid (each color, lazy to change heroes), but sometimes I try other option too.
  • 9: Titan

For Tavern, I prefer use tools like to organize Tavern Legend Quest.


In my case as very C2P

  1. Leveling
  2. Farming
  3. Titans
  4. Raids
  5. Defense

I switch raid team’s heroes according to my opponent.

I have my leveling team as number 1 so I can find the leveling heroes on top of the hero roster. And I farm with team 2. I have experiencing an issue in which after completing a taverns of legends map, my farming team switches to number 1 so when I’m going farming I and I don’t realize to switch to team 2, I end up farming with team 1 (which is inconveniente because they are unleveled heroes).

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For a while my 6 teams were …

Upcoming (the guys I’m currently levelling)

Just very recently changed and now they’re…

Yellow/Purple -

Yeah, I need another team to split my yellow and purple teams but I’m Vc2p and so that one team was enough of a luxury spend at the time. Might treat myself at a later date.

So, I’m now usually playing mono or heavily stacked so decided that this was the more useful for me. Upcoming should probably go as I get more advanced and focus on just one hero but I’m not quite at that stage yet.

Hm… depends what sort of expenditure you’re at in the game. If F2P then I wouldn’t bother with anything more than the standard five you’re given. I would personally order them:

  • Leveling
  • Map team
  • Raid team
  • Titan team
  • Raid defence team

I have actually bought a few more team slots, but honestly I don’t use more than six now and think I’ve wasted some gems in buying more. The main difference is I have two leveling team priorities rather than one.

Like others I originally intended for the extra team slots to be for raiding teams, but in the end I’m not too fussed in selecting the characters needed for a particular raid.

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