More than 4 iron mines

Can you consider allowing players to build more than 4 iron mines? All 4 of mine are at level 20 and it’s not enough to keep up with crafting all the battle items that we use during titan battles as well as fighting in the levels of season 1 and 2.

It all depends on where you are in your development. Others can’t figure out what to do with al the iron. See for example Iron Overload Syndrome

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I cannot get rid of my iron…so please give me more to spend my iron on and not new mines…

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Hello, I am level 53. I have 8 farms and 3 mines…How can I do to have more mines ? (All my converted buildings do not come from mine)

Kerridoc is retired at the moment. You should have 4 mines by Strongholds 15 i think.
You sure you haven’t converted it as that’s the only option of losing one.

Indeed I have 4 mines, my mystake. It is under progression, thought it was another building.
Being Strongholds 25, is it possible to have more than 4 ?
I confirm I have no mine converted into another building.

Thanks for your quick answer

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Four mines maximum, but two can be converted to advanced mines.

‘at the moment…’

Still miss him :cry:

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They really just need to add base expansion. Offer 4 more plots of land for buildings.

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More a qol would be to switch without using a builder each time as we know its days for stuff to be finished. Hence the troops level for pov thread.