More than 1500 points for a flipped board in a war?

I noticed today that our enemy flipped our board and they had a total of 1520-something points. is it a bug? or is it possible?
like, for example, what happens if one attack kills a hero or two, but then in the next attack Mother North revives them and they are killed again? would one get more points for killing this team than stated?
or even first attack damages the team, then the next attack is so unsuccessful that the whole team is healed back to full, and then the third attack kills it - does the 3rd attack get the full points? full points minus given in the first attack? or what?

It’s my understand that it’s approximately 1500 points - rounding?


Count the points from all opponents to be sure.

Those additional points may also come from some healing, since resurrections do not count.

I didnt count them manually. The score said 1523 (or 22) with our board fully intact after a flip. The last three enemy attacks were also 70+ points, so not some little damage which is barely noticeable on the battlefield overview. Are you implying that SG cant even add up integers properly? :slight_smile:
so the second scenario is possible? someone attacked, damaged a little, got a few points. then the next attack failed and got them healed back. and the third attack took them out thus earning a few points more?
I will check the attack log and see if something like that happened.

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That happens often when not all attacks are one-shots. I saw many times that when enemy was worth let’s say 55 points, he was attacked twice and points from two attacks added up to 56. I guess it’s an issue with rounding the scores since each HP (which the scoring is based upon) can be worth around 0,01 or even less.

Healing should not affect it, because let’s say you attack damaged team, they heal themselves fully and you lose, that team goes back to HP they had before your attack anyway.

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It’s not a bug; it’s pretty standard. I think the highest I’ve seen is 1568. The only time that you are guaranteed a pure 1500 is when there is 1 team each side.

The raw point counts will be like this essentially always. Multiple attacks per kill can also throw a little rounding in on top for any given reset.


Not quite the same issue, but also having trouble understanding the war scoring.

I’m a single player, facing a single player. We are both worth 1000 points + 500 for finishing off the whole team. I took out their entire team with 1 flag, but received 1497 points. The board reset and it says they are worth the 1000 + 500 again.

I know 3 points is not a big deal, but I’m just trying to understand the way the scoring works so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Its not exact 1500… more of approximately 1530.

I calculate my alliance total base point pre-war a couple times, both fall around 1530, I forget the exact number but they are not identical, probably its due to the way they round the number and I believe the bonus point can’t be lower than 10 thus very weak base (compared to alliance’s average) might add additional points…

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