More teams


Today we can have only 5 teams in the game, but it will be very nice if It’s possibile to have at least 7 teams:

Team 1: Defense
Team 2: Attack red titan
Team 3: Attack blue titan
Team 4: Attack yellow titan
Team 5: Attack purple titan
Team 6: Attack green titan
Team 7: Team for general Raids

PLUS: It will be amazing if you can define the team for a specific purpose and the game can “understand” that configurarion and automatically suggest a team.

Tks a lot and congrats for the game!


I think five are enough. There are more important things which SG should implement in this game.


In theory to add more teams should be really easy. In past there were only 3, now we have 5 and i want 12 :grin:

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There’s really no need. The only team I have that stays the same is my defense team. I tailor my attacking team to whatever I’m attacking at the time


I would like 17 tbh
5 titan teams, one for each color
6 to preset aw teams for war planning
5 raid teams, one for each color focus

Can’t we get a setting to increase the number of teams between 3 and 20?

Why would you preset your AW teams? Tailor them to your target

I think more teams as a VIP benefit would be great. Titan presets, plus farming, current development projects … lots of ways people would want to use extra team slots.

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If somehow the number of teams is increased again, what’s to stop people from requesting even more as can be seen that people have different wants when it comes to this game.

Instead, I think I’d have liked it better if the hero roster can be better organized so that your lesser used heroes can be moved and stored on page 2, 3. etc. so the hero roster is not just a long continuous page. For example, if you have roster spots for 80 heroes, 20 of the most used ones can be seen on page 1, the less used (but still collected ones) can be placed in the subsequent 3 pages accessed by tabs.


Nice idea. I’d suggest using an Archive type flag to do this personally, similar to the Lock function, where I can pick the heroes I want to store on the secondary page, while leaving the others on the main page by default.

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I think we should go back to 3 teams. It was enough.

You should suggest this so I can vote on it! My roster is in such a mess right now half the time I don’t remember who I’m looking for.

Start of war I pick my targets and think of teams to be used. Ideally I want to preset teams than and there so I can come back later when I have time to fight to directly go into the battle.

Also. It’s super annoying you have to reserve a fight to check availability of heroes on bench.

And tbh, I find I most of the times end up used the same heroe combinations.

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In Wars, the presets aren’t even available. So you’re asking for TWO things: access to presets in wars, and more slots. I just don’t see it as that useful – even if I think I know what war teams I’m likely to use, the particularly teams I end up going against may call for something different. I just track things on a spreadsheet. I know others who print out cards and deal them around into piles, so they can see all six teams simultaneously. Frankly, that sounds like the best option.

Thanks, but I am certain this idea has already been brought up before and doing a quick search will reveal it. In fact, even @Wharflord and @Paulon have had input in that thread.

I would like to see we can vary the ammount of preset teams ourselves mainly.

It would just be nice to be able to access your preset teams from AW and Events. Is there a reason this cannot happen? I’m not sure at the complexity of the code to allow this, but it would really help, especially those of us where AW falls on a work day. Having preset teams would help enormously.

When posting here I got the message that this thread stopped over a year ago. Still not available?

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Tabs could be nice like they do with the inventory.

That would take a lot of thinking to figure out and I am not up to that right now.

But maybe someone can run with it.

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