More team 'memory' slots

Not more team slots, but more distinct ‘memory’ of the team slots for different aspects of the game.

Currently the game remembers your last team slot used for raids, titans, current tournament, and it even remembers the previous challenge event and trial teams. Everything else is lumped into the last slot. I would like to see quests and S1/S2/S3 each have their own team memory slot. It saves time and the annoyance of making minor team changes or scrolling back and forth. S1 farming obviously needs no 5* healer that S3 hard modes use.

I think this may be the official response!!

oh please!! He took it down!! It’s a crime against humanity i say!!

Thanks @Agano for the post: I believe it is a show that you dubbed captions to? It is the funniest thing ever posted here quite possibly!!

I guess you missed the right topic? :slight_smile:

Yes, i dubbed the video.

This was the right topic and I wanted others to see your work which was brilliant but the video seems to be gone! That’s a shame. I thought it topical!

Understand, thanks for sharing! :smiley:
Well, the video still works, it’s just set to private, so you need to open it through my topic.

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