More space for heroes

in this sense the game was updating but in my opinion not properly.
a balance is necessary on the part of the developers
on the one hand, the amount of space that they give in the levels versus what is requested or needed with the new events is not enough.
ninja tower, tavern of legends, special events,
Each time the game demands that we have a large number of heroes in reserve and of different classes and the spaces that they grant us do not make it possible although the possibility of being able to expand these with the gems is appreciated but its cost increases and it is not done viable.

  1. give or update the spaces giving an extra according to levels but need 50 space weaker than what is required in the new events.
    2 Find new spaces with each level up, maybe not 5, but it costs a lot to level up, especially at levels greater than 50 and you don’t get rewards.

I think it is something that is generating a bottleneck I love the idea of ​​new events and their diversity but it also has to be possible to finish and it is something that is not viable at this time due to the little space available that the game gives

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