More secure gems purchases

I literally just but dialled four gem purchases from the featured section in the shop. I wasn’t even in the shop. I just started a level, put it in auto and placed my phone in my pocket… then somehow ended up losing about 3000 gems on stuff I would never purchase , including a ridiculous raid block. I am pretty upset right now…

This is not the first time. I also lost 500 gems because of a but dialled name change… Then 500 more to change it back. Frustrating…

Nothing I can do about it apparently.

So, my idea is to create another secure step in the gem purchase process that needs a pin or code. Or at least the option to activate this security feature.

Also, an undo option for those purchases that do not rely on chance, provided the materials you bought have not been consumed. Perhaps time limited.

What also sucks is the game not auto-playing in the background or when the phone is on standby… This is what caused phone to be in pocket while running the game… Unnecessary constraint.

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