More Season 1 Five Star Heroes

We need to make TC20 exciting again in addition to some vanilla support heroes that can handle the higher level titans. My proposal is to add one or two 5 Star heroes of each element/color Into the Season 1 roster. We are badly missing “standard” defensive down heroes, cleansing heroes, and healers. Nothing else flashy, save that for future costumes of said heroes. TC20 just gives me high EXP feeders anymore (and ham storage) and I get bored even with the five star heroes show up.

So heroes like Grim, Melendor, and Sabina but with base five star hero stats.

I’m not against this per se but I expect that emblemed 4* and costumes really already cover this.

A +20 emblems on a 4* puts them in 5* territory and is fairly achievable.


I think it’s a good idea for SG to put this on the “to do” list for future updates


But is Costume Rigard +20 (for instance) on par with stats as plain Vivica +20?

4* costumed heroes are excellent in offense but do they hold their own in defense as well? Plus they have to compete with costumed 5* S1 heroes which have the most TP in the whole game when fully maxed and emblems (Costume Lianna is a monster).

I think Season 1 should stay how it is, it’s over now, but maybe we could get S2 heroes in a new training camp?


This I think would be an easier solution.

I :heart: my Season One heroes, especially with the costumes. Probably don’t need to mess with them, they are bread and butter of the game.

But it still very much bothers me how unobtainable Season Two heroes have become. There are many of those that I don’t have and probably won’t ever have. At this point, I’m much more likely to pull a legendary Season Three hero than even a 4* from Season Two. And that just seems like a waste, because there are so many viable Season Two heroes for every event level. Stuffing them into random portals alongside 50 other heroes doesn’t give anyone a decent chance of ever pulling them. It’s almost like Season Two is just dead. Everyone can get Season One heroes, now most people can get Season Three heroes… Season Two heroes, either you already have them, or you’re probably never going to get them. And that’s just disappointing to me on so many levels.

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Why a new Trainingcamp?
They could just add the season 2 hero’s so that they could be trained in the same camp.
Don’t force people to build another building, which sg then gonna tie to stronghold 25.
Just extend the hero pool of the current Trainingcamp, so that season 1 and 2 are trained and rng decide what you get.


I’d prefer it if they did that, but that’s not how they ever do things. Everything in the game requires a major sacrifice of time, hams, iron, and oftentimes money too. If new training camp was the only way to get S2 heroes, I personally would be willing to invest the time. At least then I would be getting something I know I’ll actually use.

Maybe with SH27 an extended TC initially up to +5?

  1. 1 * S1 - 3 * S2
  2. 2 * S1 - 3 * S2
  3. Guaranteed 3 * S1 - S2
  4. 3-4 * S2
  5. 3-5 * S2

An expansion for S3 heroes would then be possible in the future.


If the community always directly start to argue like that, it’s no surprise that they keep going the greedy way…
We as users shouldn’t directly push sg in the direction that they have to implement it in a greedy way, we should try to find arguments, that they also could do some features just for the customers to stay happy and not get frustrated even more.


I tried in vain for months to argue the other way, and I get shot down every time. Usually with lots of hate and vitriol. I’ve completely given up on getting anything handed to us for free without having to jump through a bunch of flaming hoops first. :man_shrugging:

EDIT: What I mean by that is, my opinions here do not represent the majority of the vocal community. The majority of the vocal community believe that everything should be limited and hidden behind RNG walls and huge time and monetary investments.

Time walls I can deal with. As long as I don’t have to spend a thousand dollars.


I disagree that current 4* heroes balance out this need or want.

With more than 2x five stars vs four star heroes in this game… this game sorely needs more four star releases and less five stars to chase after.

Imagine how the game would be it was flipped in balance (ie if there were 2x four stars vs fives… )

ok ok guys calm down, I am here.

clearly the only answer is for sg to introduce 6* heroes with a 0.00001% chance of being summoned that are available for only 2 hours each month.

this would make all 5* heroes feel inferior and nobody would need to ask for even more of them.

problem solved.

Even two new heros every month would throw the games economics off, between food and iron and ascending items, you would not be able to level them up once you got it and also from a developer stand point, you would have a hard time making them up, plus testing each hero against each and every heros to make sure the code was correct ut would be a nightmare. Sry for the bad grammar

I dont know if SG wants to keep on with Atlantis Rises once Valhalla is finished. Last SG treatment with Atlantis tells me that Atlantis is getting to the end. It may not, but personally i think that we will see something like Valhalla Rising next year. That may end AR and therefore it would be the clausure of Atlantis Portal. If that happens it would be logical that sg adds S2 heroes to the training camps. Maybe tc 20 or maybe a new lvl. Im sure sg wants to keep the expansion of SH lvls.

Other than that the only way of getting Atlantis 5☆, if Atlantis portal closes, is via HA

I think there are a lot of people spending money on this forum and those are the voices echoed and amplified.

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Of course, those are the ones that they’re going to listen to the most. I’ve spent on this game in the past, I just look at the prices of things and add it all up… ask myself “what would it cost me to get all the best heroes?”

Answer: a hell of a lot more than I’m willing or even able to spend.


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