More Saved Teams -- So can save 6 War Teams

I’ve seen requests to be able to specified saved teams for different functions (Titan Team, Raid Team, etc). This request is related, but slightly different.

I wish I could save 6+ teams (instead of just 4) – primarily so I could lay out a full 6 teams for War. I’m ok with names Team 1, Team 2, et al. (Ideally, I’d love more than just 6 teams, so I could also save teams for other functions.)

I do know how to lock heroes to insure I save them. :grin:

Thanks for considering. Sorry if this has already been suggested/addressed!


This 6 team question is here anywhere so often. Don’t get me wrong, i want it too, but opens X-Threads dont help focus on the first threada. Please use the search function.

Thanks! I did try, but kept only finding people asking for the ability to name teams. Sorry I started another thread.


@Rook or @Coppersky,

Please feel free to close this thread. I didn’t mean to offend. If non-moderators can close a thread, please let me know how!


No worries. Often the best ideas are repeated ones.

Use the search feature to find duplicates in the future. Welcome to the Forum! :slight_smile:

Just a small idea, can we have 6 team saves in our hero list instead of 5, seeing as we need 6 teams in AW.
Or 7 as defence team can be components of others.

People need to use the search option in the forums more often. This has been suggested multiple times. I have heard currently they are trialing extra team slots that are purchasable in Beta.

@Kerridoc, please merge.

and i wish a 1 mil USD :smiley: you are lucky my friend