More Red XP than other colors

This is more an observation based on data, and not anything game changing… but I found it interesting.

I started playing 12-Sep-2018 and have always done same color feeding. I’ve tracked all my heroes and noticed that I get more Red XP than other colors. This seems likely due to the fact that there are four Red 2-star heroes vs. only three in all the other colors.


My tracking data started to get muddied with the introduction of Costumes, but I normalized the data to traditional hero XP as best as I could. Duplicate costume feeding is hard to account for, but seeing as how I have the least amount of Costume XP in Red that only further supports my theory.

The data was muddied more with PoV and its single color Trainers. I haven’t used any of the Red Trainers from PoV2 yet. But the Blue numbers are a minuscule bit inflated from PoV1.

The final muddy factor that I can think of is the few times I’ve had to feed heroes for zero XP in order to finish max’ing a SS when the hero has already max leveled.

So… given my data I expect the RNG allocation of feeders works as:

  1. RNG determines 1-star or 2-star
  2. If 2-Star then select from all available 2-star heroes


  1. RNG determines 1-star or 2-star
  2. RNG determine which color
  3. If 2-Star then select form all available 2-star heroes of RNG color

I’d have thought the latter would have been more equitable. But I guess it also makes it harder to pull a specific Red 2-star hero.


@Garanwyn made a similar observation based on logging TC2 and TC11 output for an extended period of time.


Red 2* heroes

This has been noted before

(Is it possible red feeders are more common? - #8 by lexinen)

But SGG does not disclose odds for individual heroes, so it could just be RNG.

Game impact

It is also possible SGG knows but does not care. Players CAN off color level heroes.

Players can NOT off color level troops, so that was fixed.

(Dropping rates of items has decreased- Constantly running out of Bones, Iron, Oil - #63 by Gryphonknight)


I feel like I have seen a chart just like this before on the forums. But this type of search is obscured by other posts like red hero ascension advice, and red hero team advice.


Well I posted @Garanwyn’s once, if nothing else:


The chart @zephyr1 posted from @Garanwyn was based on ~4K feeders. I figure my data is based on ~90K feeders, a worthy sample size. Both point to a significant increase in Red. I really doubt it’s RNG.

With as much of this game that’s based on RNG odds I find it extremely unlikely they don’t know about it; but as you say, they probably don’t care.

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They did not know about the red/ yellow 1* troops and did not fix until 2018-June ( Barracks was introduced 2017-June ).

One of the advantages of transparency, is people can double check your work. And warn you of possible problems ( looking at you advanced color stacking ).

But Devs probably have known about 2* red heroes since 2019-February ( see above replies ).

40% of colors

I just realized the red/ yellow 1* troop issue was much more severe than 2* red heroes.

The imbalance effected -50% XP of 40% of colors and 75% of troop loot drops with -100% penalty for off color leveling.

While red 2* hero effects +25% XP of 20% of colors and 25% of hero loot drops / 50% of finished recruit training with -16% penalty for off color leveling.


Click for notes

red/ yellow 1* troops

Devs investigated 2018-Jun

(Were troop drop rates reduced with 1.12? (Data from ~1000 runs) DEV RESPONSE = NO - #20 by mhalttu)

Troop loot drops

([Repost] Farming 1* / 2* troops and 1* / 2* heroes [Reposted for smartphone users and future reference] Updated 2019-Nov)