More Recruits!

Allowing us to purchase recruits from the store as a resource would be a good idea.

Or just purchase world energy for a 100 gems and spend it all on 8-7


U always out of the box

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I’ve played 8-7 whem I’ve needed recruits for over a year now

Strangest thing…I’m never out of recruits lol

Actually had screenshots where i had 10k+ recruits in 1 training camp at one point in time. If i can find it I’ll post it lol never ever ever out of recruits


Would be good to see how many recruits they’ll give for gems.

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100 gem for 50 recruits maybe. With the assumption *** :30 flag* (average) : 3 flag = 10 times at 8-7
10 x 3 recruits = 30 recruits . But you got xp, and item as well .

How about that price , sound reasonable or crap . Lol

Hopefully 0

20 characters

Huh 0 its not a bait for them to buy, not fun.

Only reason i say 0 is because recruits is pretty much the last thing we have that absolutely has to be earned through gameplay and cant be bought.

I get it people just wanna buy their way through the game and think that everything should be able to be bought but i absolutely hate that way of thinking. I always push for rewards to be earned through gameplay and not purchases


If they want to buy, we will say thank u for funding this game . And we demand SG to make improvements especially for card design! Hire a good artist to design our new heroes. But I hope they spend wisely. Of course.

10,000?! I don’t know whether to roll up my pant legs or laugh :laughing:!! Good to see you again @Rigs! Im still not playing much but very slowly building my teams. I really suck at blue titans. Take care. Maybe tell everyone I said hi.

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season 2 6 -9 gives 14 to 16 recruits per go also and the challenge there is good to practice teams you are building with just some advice.

my opinion - no, just no. There are already too many ways to advance your progress in the game by spending money. This is one of the few remaining things that help to balance p2w and f2p.
I am very much against this idea.
And as @Rigs pointed out, you can buy world energy and farm recruits. Nothing else is necessary.


+1 to what Witch said. It’s nice the game still has some resources you need to game for and not absolutely everything is for sale.

from time to time they give a recruit quests. those help

Except that 8-7 has better flag-recruit ratio :wink:

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@finmirage you have a point there lol!

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8-7 does give a decent amount of recruits but when there are quests up you want to do I can not get enough recruits. I ask that on those special or rare quests that the recruits be set to a higher number for each stage. 10 or 15 for each stage would be great. I also would like to suggest that the Find Recruits be set to a higher number. Such as 50 for the lower one and 100 for the higher one. Plus please put he troops token back in the Find Recruits 2.

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Lol no worries i suck on all titans but will make sure i let Crew know you said hi. Hopefully you can start playing more soon!

I wonder why one should opt to pay for what has been freely given, recruits are all over the map, and even recently part of raids rewards, even special missions like “find recruits I and II” not to mention every mission.

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