More recruits and monster chest in higher province

Please make it worth the energy to attack higher provinces. With higher rewards, at the minimum recruits and “fill monster chest” proportional to the energy cost, the map would make much more sense.


Liked and bumped. Supposedly grimoire dust has a higher drop rate in 20/23 however at times I’ve burned all my 28 energy and not scored a single pile of dust.

Farming can be fun or an insufferable chore. Farming is pretty much the one aspect of the game I hate right now.

Yes I would like this too. While p20 has better chance to give grimoire dust, it also costs double energy. So it kinda cancels out. You just get less of everything else :frowning:

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I agree, because even with the higher chance of getting the ingredients you need are in some of the higher levels you’re much better of spending fewer flags, and maximizing your chances of getting the drop you want by playing more

At the moment I don’t play the higher levels… There’s really no point from what I’ve seen


One point is to get more exp per energy spent. So if you’re not worried about drops it makes sense to farm higher

That’s true about experience :grin:

It seems 17-1 is best for that. It gives the most experience per flag, but I don’t go higher than that

But why do we need more xp? So far I have yet to find an incentive for levelling.

More world energy, more hero capacity, a little extra boost on titans, a meta goal with the game :slight_smile:


Yup there are some bonuses. That said, i support @dafrca idea of flasks instead of refills for levelling up.

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Also you need a specific level to have a strong team. Having 5x80 level heroes in a team requires you to be level 30. But that kind of ascension and leveling usually takes more time than reaching 30 :smiley:

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Yup, agreed with 17.1. I feel like I get all I need from here…

Actually, I think it would be interesting to create tier level monster chests/loot, similar to Titan loot. So the harder the monsters were to defeat that were used to fill the chest, the better the loot…