More rare quests


I haven’t been playing long but I noticed the rare quests comes very infrequently. I think the rare quests should come more often and add in more ascension items since they are so difficult to obtain right now. All 4* hero ascension items should be part of these special quests that we can get. 5* hero ascension items should be rare and probably occur at the very hard level.


I just got my third today. I thought they were progressing “as planned.”

Btw, the prizes from today’s chest were a nice upswing compared to the past: 2 regular summons tokens, 1 Epic Troop Summon, 1 trap tools, 1 magic orb, 1 alliance energy flask.


Must have had a lucky one then Rook. I had one today that gave me tall boots, a scabbard, 3 normal summons and a raid flask.

Don’t think they’ve changed something to significantly improve the rewards.


I can get boots on the map. I’ve never seen an orb in 6 weeks, that was my point. :grin:


I thought they may have stopped them for the time being, havent had one in over two weeks. :frowning: Thought they may been rebalancing them after tweaking team power. More likely I am being punished for not spending any money.


Nah, no punishing: I’ve had one since the last time I’ve plunked down cash. I think they’re just “more random than I would wish”. :grin:


This is what I believe too. RNG is a fickle mistress. :relaxed:


Rook: I think you have rare quest confused with something else. The rare quest are the same for everyone:

For example:

Mount Umber
Shiloh Desert

The quest with the 5 different levels. The one with VERY HARD being impossible. Those quests have not been around for 2-3 weeks now.


As their levels were geared for particular power levels, could it be they are redoing them to reflect the new power level calculations?


It could be. I hope they introduce more rare quest more often and introduce more 4* ascension items to the HARD level not the VERY hard one.


[quote=“Jaz9999, post:8, topic:770, full:true”]
Rook: I think you have rare quest confused with something else. [/quote]

Yeah, the Wanted (150) quests. My bad. I never know what to call them: Rare, Wanted, Elemental… :smirk:


You made me laugh with your impossible comment. :grinning:


Impossible for 3* team like mines. :wink:


Before update 1.6, I only completed the fifth stage of Frostmarch once, & that was after spending 150 gems to revive my team twice because I desperately needed the fine gloves reward from the last stage to ascend my first 4*, Boril to tier 4.

Post update, I played Frostmarch, Shrikewood, & Shiloh Desert straight through all stages without any revival spending. Admittedly, my team is much improved & I watched a couple YouTube vids of the boss battles by other players and learned how to prep for them.

All that said, what excited me the most is that 4* ascension items were placed in the fourth stage, so I picked up a magic orb (I still need one more - well, five since I have Li Xiu & Chao waiting to ascend). This is a great improvement from my standpoint because now I can justify the time & patience I’ve sunk into this game since the acquisition of ascension items is there for those willing to wait.

Plus, successfully beating the fifth stages is helping me stockpile AIs for 5* cards. Even though I’ve not had any luck getting one so far, if I do, I will be a leg up to ascend them all the way. So the new rare quests are a tangible improvement of the game.


Great job. I also had a hard time beating the last stages of those rare quest but my team has improved considerably and now it is no longer an issue. I still use Spirit Link with a healer so I don’t die due to stupid mistakes. It is pretty much 100% safe and pretty much anyone can do it.