More Random, please



ODDS??? Really? I ve got 4 belith, 4 hawkmoon, 4 ulmer, 4 oberon, 3 valen… always the same heroes!!! This is fraud. Shame. I spend my money to have chances… to always get the same heroes. I won’t spend anymore. This is crap.

And what to say about training camps? I’ve grown 8 3* heroes in TC level 13 and got 6!!! Dark heroes!!! Come on, are you kidding me? 6 out of 8 of the same colour. Great game but… certain stuff (crappy rewards, alliances are wide too basic, you can’t delete buildings, only can see 1st 100 in standings) hold it down. A potencial 5* that reaches 3*… and thanks.

There’s no point in deleting buildings. Everyone gets the exact same set of buildings at the exact same point in stronghold leveling, so it’s not possible to do it wrong and no need to remove a building, since the only replacement option would be the building that just got deleted.
The only choice involved is picking which building should be replaced by the barracks, and that decision can be changed for free without losing the levels on any building at any time there’s a free builder. I understand that the choice of which building to replace has been restricted so that wrong choices, like iron storages, can’t be made there too.