More Raid Energy (PvP Flags)

I’d enjoy more raid energy or perhaps shorter timers. I often find myself having to play other games because I’ve out of stuff to do :wink:


8x raid flags would be great!


I’d definitely be happy with shorter wait times between energy revival!


I’d consider even buying an account “upgrade” to have more flags :wink:

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The current 6 raid energies at most feels a bit insufficient. Average person sleeps around 7-8 hours a day anyway, so increasing the energy to 7 or 8 flags tops seems reasonable enough.

As far as I can tell, it’s designed so that you can’t complete a hero chest all at once without using a raid flask. While I don’t like wasting flags to sleep, I think 6 is perfectly reasonable given that your world flags will fill up first until you get 36 at level 41.

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Which seems currently pretty PVE-oriented to me. I love the PVP aspect of the game more.

I was just about to post this as a request and then I saw yours so I’ll just piggy-back here.

I agree that having higher maximum raid energy (attainable at certain levels just like world energy) would make a lot of sense. It would help encourage a healthier life/game balance (if they care about that).

I don’t think it would hurt the game much, but would make playing this game more sustainable in the long run for players.

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I think that energy for PvP should be boosted up to 8 to give players opportunity to make box with heroes in one move. I know that would be hard even with 8 energy but now we don’t have even chance because number of 6 raids can give us only up to 30 beaten heroes and as we know we need 40.

yes that’s a resonable request. I agree

i agree too. monster chest easy to fill and achieve, pvp require a 100% victory on 6 energy, plus two more attempts.

or…30 enemies defeated instead of 40…and this can be nice too

This needs to happen. Raid energy should be 8, not 6. For the well being of this game’s user base the minimum energy should be “greater than or equal” to a good nights sleep (8 hours). I hear about people setting alarms at night to wake up and fill a chest. This is just ridiculous and is a result of people trying to get ahead in a game with poorly defined rules.

For GOD SAKE…MAKE 8 RAID ENERGY HAPPEN! Even if you have to add it to the player leveling like World Energy…

I think you should increase the amount of raids flags you can accumulate.
6 flags means 6 hours.
Most of the people sleeps more than that. Add some time to arrange at morning and to organize the kid and you come to 9-10 hours you can’t play.
I think that if you’ll able us to accumulate 9-10 flags would be a great deal for the players :slight_smile:

… and while were asking for help to fill our Raid chests, how about letting the heroes we kill during War count in our Raid Chests?

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