More Quests in the era of COVID-19

Please start adding more quests. Many of us are spending more time playing the game now that we are hunkering down. Frankly I’m beginning to lose some interest in the game because it’s too slow with change ups.

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If it helps, for April we have:

  • Springvale Seasonal Event
  • 9 Class Trials
  • Costume Event
  • Atlantis Rises
  • New Valhalla Provinces
  • Riddles of Wonderland
  • 3+ Rare Quests
  • Path of Valor

Collectively between all of those, there will be at most 4 days without a special event (not counting Path of Valor).

There’s also: #PlayApartTogether - Discussion


With so many other things one could do, why is it SGs responsibility to keep you entertained at this time? We’ve recently had more S3 stages, there was even an extra mission and WE Flask.

Not sure how long you’ve been playing the game, so perhaps it is time to find a different activity. Pull out a book perhaps - GL.

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What a busy month! SGG should decrease the energy recovery time from 10 minutes to 5 minutes / energy. :smiley::smiley::smiley:


Interesting idea!



Zephyr thanks for your reply. Looks like a busy month coming up. Would still like to see them add more basic quests though.

Sarah2- not a helpful reply and you don’t know me so don’t presume you do.

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Said so more than a game looks like a job certainly I’m joking :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I agree that many of us are spending more time playing the E&P. Small Giants DOESN’T HAVE TO entertain us but considering that they show sympathy with PlayApartTogether, we can still give more ideas and maybe that will help SG to improve the game.
I appreciate that there is already lots of quests waiting this month. But I’d like to suggest that the developer add some kind of training stage. In training we may not gather food, experience etc that we usually collect on normal stage but we can keep playing stages without using World Energy.
I have no idea how feasible it is so I leave all details to the developer.
When I discuss about this idea all the people that I talked (not only in my alliance) loved this idea.
It will be great if SG can consider about this as well.

Thanks for your reply Tank. I argue that SG job is most certainly to entertain us and keep us engaged in the game. SG is not a charity but is a business and they have been successful because they have entertained people. My request for more content is not unreasonable so thanks for agreeing.

Tread lightly please. You’ve stated your dislike of Sarah’s posted earlier… no need to call her out repeatedly.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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I edited it out of my previous post but does my reply “add up” for you? :wink:

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