More pop-ups please!

With all of the criticism that SG is copping over their recent attempts to adjust the game, whether it’s balancing heroes or taking 2+ years to release a White Elephant Academy, I feel that there’s an easy way for them to win back the player base.

Namely, more pop-ups in the game.

ATM we barely have 4-5 pop-ups every time we log in and then sporadically there are another 4-5 while we are navigating to various parts of our base.

This is nowhere enough!

Having many more not only keeps us better informed, but it’s the most effective QoL improvement that can be made.

I’ll get the ball rolling with suggestions. First, the obvious ones:
Pop-ups that flag:

  1. Hams are ready to collect
  2. Ditto for iron
  3. Silver summons available
  4. Ditto for EHT and ETT
  5. Recruits available
  6. Ditto for training camp heroes (separate ones for each TC)
  7. Mystic vision ready to play
  8. Titan hits available
  9. Ditto for War
  10. Titan approaching / Ditto for AW
  11. Titan about to escape
  12. AW about to end
  13. Crafting items ready for collection
  14. Ditto for HL
  15. Alchemy Lab - scratch that, no-one is using it
  16. Building complete (separate ones for each builder)
  17. VIP pass expiring / at least 15 days out, twice per day

I’m sure I’ve missed many obvious ones, but moving onto the less obvious, but still highly desirable:

  1. Titan countdown - after one is defeated, there should be notifications every 15 minutes telling us how long until the next one is appearing
  2. Ditto for AW
  3. Ditto ditto for events / tourneys / PoV / ToL
  4. Ducks about to fly over base
  5. Ditto for dragon
  6. Villager is lonely and needs to be tapped
  7. Every milestone approaching - raid amounts, titans defeated etc. Twice a day is sufficient
  8. Progress on all leaderboards - up and down
  9. Count on days / hours that a hero has spent waiting for AM - 3/60 and 3/70 - twice daily
  10. Progressive count - up & down - on all ascension materials
  11. Ditto crafting materials
  12. Ditto ditto Battle items
  13. Amount of WE, Raid, Titan flasks available
  14. Ditto gems, coins etc
  15. Amounts of food and iron available - up and down
  16. Ditto for recruits
  17. Historic comparisons - comparing achievements to those from yesterday, last week, year
  18. Ditto for each date (e.g. “On June 15, 2019, you achieved the following…”)

Finally, while all of the above are important, and would put my mind at ease, there’s one that’s an absolute must:

  1. Pop-ups telling us when every pop-up is about to appear

Not including more pop-ups in game could well be SG’s greatest lost opportunity.

I’m sure I’ve missed many. Please help your fellow players improve their enjoyment of the game by suggesting more.

I like this. Why don’t we add another pop-up to a pop-up telling us that a pop-up is about to appear. Licking my lollipop


Nice one, although I’m not sure if I would want that. 1.5 years into this game, it would be kinda annoying I have to close those pop up constantly.

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Yes please. I need more mud in my eyes.


I’m sensing a faint tone of sarcasm here. I could be wrong…

… I am also now thinking about…


Pop up headlights. :pensive::woman_facepalming:


Be careful - SG might take you up on this offer and say they listened to player feedback!


Thank god I just got the fury of fire elemental summon pop up. I almost forget to throw away $100 for a 2.5% chance at total crap.


Take that finley


Why do i see ‘limit’ instead of vote here and why can’t i like the OP?

Sorry to bother, but do you know @Guvnor or @zephyr1?

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I think that SGG is sneaky by adding more and more pop-ups that sometimes pop up with a slight delay. Once I logged in to my account, I started collecting hams from my farms and then out of nowhere a pop-up with a double offer for ascensions materials appeared. I tapped both buttons with prices… thankfully we have to double confirm purchases…


Be careful what you wish for…


I’m trying to decide if this is serious or has a note of tongue in cheek about it.

All the pop ups and offers really get on my nerves.


To help you decide, last request on the list, in case you decided TL;DR (You shouldn’t though, the list is fun to read :wink: ):

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I agree with all of these! My gameplay would be improved tenfold if these popups were implemented.

However, I think they could be even better! For example:

After this popup, another appears, saying “Are you sure you wish to murder the innocent ducks?” Below the text is a picture of surviving ducks, weeping around the graves of those you plan to slay.

Every time this appears, a picture of your hero shold accompany it, looking sad. If a month goes by without you ascending your hero, they switch to crying. “Don’t you love me? I fight for you and you still leave me at 3/60, 2/60, 3/70”.


I think there should be a confirmation pop up before you enter a raid, titan, or war as well.

Are you sure you want to use THAT team?

Edited per @cadi’s request.
Do I need a pop up to confirm edit? :thinking:


I suggest to use capitals for ‘that’. Much nicer :slight_smile:

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Hi what does that mean? I do not understand that…

You’ve likely used your limited number of votes.

You can review and remove some of your votes by going:
Profile -> Activity -> Votes


It means a pop up will appear daily to all players who are not in an alliance, encouraging them to join one.

What a QoL improvement to players that decided to not be an alliance to take pressure from them and be more relaxed about the game. Not.

As if the permanent icon at the menu bar wasn’t reminder enough and making it impossible to not know how to find an alliance. Don’t think a daily pop up will change any players opinion… but maybe their opinion whether they are willing to keep playing at all. It’s pure spam.


“We estimate we can sell up to 80% of a players visual field, before inducing seizures.”


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