More options/control for alliance leaders


I would love to be able to give extra “perks / rewards” to my alliance members, for things like daily activity, attacking the titans etc… Especially for lower level players, who may not do as much damage, but are always playing.
I would like to be able to have inter alliance competitions, controlled by leaders and co leaders.
This might keep people from changing alliances every other day.


What kind of rewards would you want to give? What would be the source of these rewards?


I would like to give things like food, diamonds, troops or heros. Alliance leaders have really no power, except to kick and promote players. Maybe have inter alliance team challenges, where I can give these.

Maybe also have different promotion levels, ie… Leader, co-leader, elder, knight, warrior captain, warrior levels 1, 2, and 3.


I think alliance leaders have the power leant to them by the trust of their players.

So far I haven’t found the need for more leadership roles than Leader, Co-leader and Elder, but I like the idea of being able to reward other players with some small tangible that isn’t a permanent promotion.

I’m just curious where these items would come from?


I like this idea with me being a leader of my Alliance. Another idea that I think would be great as well would be messaging notifications that members of alliances can send to offline members to inform them of something such as… Attacking titans, new challenges, less than 5 minutes remaining before the titan escapes,ect. I think this option could come in handy especially when the titans only have 10,000 health left and a member could defeat it before it escapes.


I don’t dislike your idea but it’s really too vague for now and i don’t know if it can gives issue in the future.

Never been an alliance leader, and frankly, i don’t wanna be.


I would really like a PM feature in-game/in-alliance to notify players of game issues who do not use Line. It would have been helpful this week.