More one Titã die and do not received nothing! Congrats

What a shame what they continue to do with those who give Everything for the Titan to die !! They continue to give ascension spoils only to Whom Does B and C


When will they stop playing and disrespect who invests in the game ??? I since I started to play I bought all the vissas promotions and this is how you deal who invests in the game !! What a shame

Ascension material drops are random; high Titan hit grades get better chances than low Titan hit grades; of course more ascension materials will accuse to low hit grades, because there are many more low hit grades than high hit grades.

This has all been outlined elsewhere in the forum, I suspect.


if I came here it’s because it’s the same every day !!! Who does not do damage receives ascension spoils and who does not receive I am the Escorpião Vermelho and I am tired of investing in the game and they monopolize with each passing day more and more !!!

If you want to do a serious confrontation, take note of every single ranking and ascension items for ALL THE PEOPLE.
After 20 or so, let’s see the results.

You are just picking what you want to show without logic.


More one Without Logic

Tomorrow I came for more!!!

Give me other 29 screens for that titan.
Tomorrow you can provide us with other 30 :slightly_smiling_face:


All is Without Logic

Lol, all different titans. You are just showing what you want and ignore all the rest.
You don’t even know if others has receive something good, isn’t it? You just don’t care.

If i show you 5 screenshots of good loot on A+ does it mean i receive always good loot?

Nope, i just show what i want.

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Ask to developers for Show that what I received in The Tintas!!!

You must be friends with those who play the game, because no one comes here to complain if they receive spoils of ascension !!! Because as you must calculate we all have a life apart from the game is if we saw here is why we should receive in ALL TITLES. Ascending spoils in 134 TITANS. Of course I received ascension spoils but I must have received a 10 and I’m sure I did not get more than 10 ascension spoils !!! But for your comments you must find it normal !!!

Lol, want to debate with me about numbers?

Nop, i think we don’t speak same language, but is true because I’m Portuguese!!! So I think is more better we don’t speak more :grin::grin::grin::grin: and the damage in Tita is good but is not the best more 114k in Tita 10*

Yep, i know there’s plenty of people stronger then me, thats not what i want to show.
What i want to show is that there are not so many people who has fight has much titans as me, and for that, receiving so many loots.

A+ and A are better for sure, trust me.

You don’t seem to appreciate that 3* and 4* ascension materials are rare. You will not often receive them as Titan loot, even if you receive a high grade. But your chances of receiving them are better with a high grade than with a low grade.

This really is not complicated or difficult to understand.


As @Brobb said, this has been discussed in depth in another thread on these forums.

You are falling victim to a common problem with statistics - observer’s bias.

Brobb said it already, but I’ll re-phrase and expand on @Elpis point about how to gather non-biased statistics:

  • There is only 1 person with the A+ slot, and only 4(?) or 5(?) with the A slot. The rest of the 25 or 24 members share the B and C slots.
  • Every time you see someone of the 24 have better loot than the A+ or A people, it trigger’s a ‘hit’ of unfairness in your mind. But this is not a fair comparison, because although those 24 have a couple less slots than the A+, there are 24 of them who stand a chance of winning better loot. It’s not always the same guy who wins the better loot.
  • So you have 24x the chance of seeing at least one of them get better loot than the A+ guy. This means you will see this regularly… probably the majority of Titans you face.

So how how do you make it a fair comparison?
As Elpis said, each player would need to record their rank with their loot. This needs to be done over a large number of Titans (at least 20 to start being worthwhile).
You then compare each player’s stats with that of the player(s) that have consistently fallen in higher bands.

You can be pretty sure that not a single one of the players in the low bands will have got better loot more times on average than the higher ones, compared player to player.

Think of it this way.: Let’s say you enter the lottery every week and you buy 5 tickets and everyone else just buys one. Every week, someone wins the lottery… and you can be sure that every week that someone is unlikely to be you. Your complaint above boils down to: The lottery is now unfair because although I have 5x more chance to win than everyone else, someone else is always getting more money than me. The system must be flawed.

I hope you see the parallel. If you don’t then I can’t help any further… :slight_smile:


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