More of the same 5* Hero! Feed them or keep them?

I had 4x Thoth Amun and 4x Boril. What did you do? Do you keep all 4* and 5* Heroes or do you keep only one and feed the others to the same hero? Sometimes i think its good to have two Sonjas or two Joons. What did you think?

If you look at Anchor’s team, leader of 7DD, ranked 60+, he has 2 joon on his team.

So it depends on the specific hero itself whether if you keep or feed them.

I do think for the best heroes, having multiples of them in one team could be a strategic move also.


I agree with @Wizgoth, it depends. I too drew multiples of Thoth-Amun and decided that one was enough. That said, holding an extra hero is low cost, and for 4* and 5* heroes it’s almost impossible that they won’t hit max special fairly early. Therefore, I think the wisest strategy is to hold one duplicate of any 5*; a third can be fodder. I don’t think Boril is interesting enough to hold a second copy of, though.

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Yeah, it depends on the card you have in multiples. When I drew a second Hu Tao (my first 4* fully ascended card), I debated on keeping it, but finally decided I couldn’t see any reasonable tactical advantage having two pokey pandas would serve on raiding offense or defense.

@Rook commented somewhere that facing two Li Xius would be troublesome. Understatement of the month! I’ve faced two Li Xius, two Alberichs, & two Colens in raids and they were total g**■■■■ pains in the ■■■ (which got handed to me in all three instances!)

I’d definitely keep two Joons or Sartanas if I ever got them. Might happen after I win the Powerball jackpot.

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Duh, sorry to ask but… How many pulls did you do to get 4 HotM?

I think the difficulty of two LiXiu’s also greatly depends on the rest of the team. :wink:

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@Elpis: I had two Thoths than i summoned 8 x 10 and get other two Thots. In total i think 100 -140 Summons for all 4 or so. Cant remember , sorry.

@mahmut there’s no reason for multiple borils. I had 1 in once and lost a ton of cups.

I’m going to be switching my 70 Joon to a second Hel at 70 and try it out. Mostly the biggest reason of running a second Joon is lack of green and Mats. If I had Lianna I would be running her instead of the second Joon.

Everything is about trial and error. There’s only a few heroes that I would play multiples of.

Which ones? I’m curious! :wink:

Ok, i take it as “many pulls” :rofl:

I’d be willing to double:

  1. The 5* single-shot specialists (Sartana, Marjana, Joon, Lianna)
  2. Mana control heroes (Li, Little John) situationally

Given the chronic shortage of feeders and mats, though, #2 is not a priority for me. And I’ve not been put in the position of having two of the #1 specialists.

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I had two Wu Kongs and feeded one. Good or bad idea? Should i use both against titans?

I have a couple doubles, and despite plans, I’ve never used the second hero. So long as you have at least one, leveled up, you are ahead of the game. :wink:

Reasonable call. Hard to imagine when you would use Wu in 2 slots.

I have a dilemma, I have few 4🌟 heroes with slow mana that i never upgrade it power like Colen & Hu Tao, should I sacrifice them to a better faster mana cards or should I keep them?

If you already have more then 30 full maxed heroes you can do what you want.

But if you don’t have so much heroes, keep them.
They don’t provide much experience in the first place, and it’s only 2 slots.


I got 2 Rana’s. Do i feed the extra as Rana is just usable in specific situations against healers, i don’t know why to have 2 of them…

Please your opinion on this.

I keep dups of heros that may be useful as long as I can. I haven’t had to get rid of any yet.

The dup may be good for wars at 60 possibly. But it depends on the total depth of your roster as well.

It is one spot.

I got all summer event heroes except Rana :frowning: Same was with previous event, all heroes except Red Hood. Best ones didn’t get.

Back to topic. I keep all 5* heroes and at least one of each 4* heroes. Same with special event 3* heroes. Rest of cards are feeding cards. I don’t need 10 Wu Kong’s, Bold Tusks etc.

Keep both Ranas. Extra spots are cheap; grade A 5*s are rare.

I keep one of each 4*,two of each reasonable 4*, and three of the really good ones. The winner of the intermediate level of the last event used thre Grimms.


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