More nuanced power preview in Summon Portal

Dear nice SG-devs,

even though being always listening to your player base you must have somehow accidentally missed that the majority of players was clearly against 2nd Limit Break. Now we have them anyway… ■■■■ happens.

But the thing is, most people wont have the mats to double LB multiple heroes soon. Relevant to me are only the stats that i can potentially give them if they enter my roster. And not some fantasy max stats the majority of heroes will never reach. So what about a more nuanced power preview, where you can either choose no LB / 1 LB / 2LB and separately choose preview with or without emblems.

It wouldnt just be a nice QoL improvement. I think you owe that to your player base after forcing that new alpha aether update that nobody wanted.

At least show us what the realistic stats for us look like without using google or forum search each time. It should also not be left to voluntary content creators to take care of it. You should have implemented it with that new update already!

To be honest you will be able to try your luck many times for more alpha aethers from the portal …
And oh my do I expect players to spend spend spend and spend some more …

Thats not the point though. Do you have all heroes you use Lbed and max emblemed at this point? I don’t, and I have spent some money on this game. Many are only emblemed but not limit broken. Heroes that are not double LB will still be relevant. When I pull a 5* I want to know where I can bring him in a few weeks. And not how he might look like in a year or two.

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At my last count I had over 70 heroes with LB and emblems …
More with just emblems …
And more just plain maxed …

I am resigned to the fact that there will always be something new in this game to beef up your heroes …. So the goalposts will keep on moving … and when you think you have finished with 2LB along will come 3LB and then 4LB …

Mats and alpha aethers will be few and far between to begin with (much like emblems to start with) and then they will be available via the shop by the bucket load …

Just my two pennies worth …

And that’s exactly why my idea makes sense. Most irrelevant info is hero level 80 without emblems. 2LB emblemed is more interesting, but still less interesting to me than max emblemed with and without 1LB.

Oh, and also one should have the possibility to either enable or disable CB. There is absolutely no point to show max power preview with CB when costume is not included in the summon (like in FS for example)… Cause you won’t be get the costume just from loot like AMs or aethers. Therefor it’s kinda false advertisement even


Max Power Preview is really usefull when deciding which card to ascend.
Yet, even more usefull would be to have different modes so to be able to check where each card is ascended in different cases. Imho, some handy modes would be:

  1. Full Level (4.80),
  2. plus full Emblems (4.80/20nodes),
  3. plus full Aethers (4.85/20nodes),
  4. plus full Alpha aethers (4.90/20nodes).
  • in every case, maybe an extra button can put on the available costume(s)!

That way, with this Enhanced preview, we will be able to decide which card to boost up to which point in every case. Thanks in advance for your time spent to provide players with such usefull gadgets!


See my Data vault. It doesn’t have stats with emblems yet but it has all the combinations of max level/LB1/LB2 and base/CB1/CB2 stats for every heroes :+1:


I 100% support this and would love to be able to see all of these things in the game directly on the cards - I don’t know how much effort it would take to implement this, but I would like to believe that it wouldn’t be much…?

Also, in the meantime, definitely agree that Elioty’s vault is a hugely beneficial resource to see some clarity and definitely is a fantastic midway point til we (hopefully) get this QoL in game! :crossed_fingers:


Great job Elloty! Hope they implement these folders of yours
into the preview pane of the card game we are enjoying!

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